Never leave home without my knitting


Yes, it can be scary! One works to raise them properly, prays alot, and then hopes for the best! My virgin daughter moved to Washington, D.C., to work 7 years ago upon completing college. She asked me if I had any words of advise for her. All I could tell her was, “Spread your wings, not your legs.” Her response was a resounding, “Moooooomm!” It seemed to have worked, however. She just celebrated her fifth wedding anniversary with her husband (her first and only “partner”) and 3.5 year old daughter.

Best of luck to your family!


:roflhard: Love the advice you gave to your daughter. Sounds like something my parents would have said to me.


Things went well, although DD said the boy didn’t say much b/c his sister was there with them the whole time. She didn’t let them out of her sight~~YIPEE! That made me feel a lot better about letting her go. I’m glad she had a good time and it will only be group activities until she is 16 or older :thumbsup:


:woohoo: I’m finally knitting something for myself :woot: I got the pattern from my neighbor who is knitting the same thing. It is a silk chamisole, but I’m using a bamboo/cotton blend. I couldn’t afford the silk that my neighbor bought but that’s ok b/c I think that this will knit up nicely too. I choose a soft lavendar and have had the pits of a time casting on and getting the lace bottom to come out right. However, I do not like to give up easily and after 3 attempts I got it right :thumbsup: I guess that’s why I love knitting so much b/c of the life lessons I learn as I work through a pattern. I learn more about the craft itself and about myself. The bonus is that I have something to show for it when the job is complete. I think that tomorrow I’ll go over and knit with my neighbor which should be fun. Working on the same project together at the same time :knitting: :wink:


Sounds like fun! I wish I had a knitting buddy. I just finished a prayer shawl for a friend and have started some knit slippers for myself.


It should be fun, I can’t wait to get together with her later today. If not then we’ll have to do it another time.

Another rainy week here in Houston means a good week to sit and knit :teehee:

Right now my DD’s are going around the house putting spanish labels on things for their spanish class. I bartered with two of my piano students for spanish lessons. I took 2 years of German in high school and that is what my parents spoke to each other. So this is a learning experience for me as well. I was hoping to teach them German and teach them about their ancestory but Spanish is good to know since it is the second most spoken language here in the US. Who knows, maybe after they get one language down we can move onto another. The sky’s the limit:teehee:


Ok, start #10 on my camisole. I had 1 inch of lace to do last night and messed up BIG TIME. I had to frog the whole thing and start over~UGH!!! But I’m a stubborn German girl and I am determined to get it right. Even if it kills me :roflhard: Wish me luck!


One word - LIFELINE! Seriously, it’s a lifesaver when you’re doing anything especially lace!

What pattern are you doing?


It’s called Silk Camisole from a book that my neighbor had. I think that the book is called Knitted Gifts by Debbie Bliss. I’ve come to realize that I just need to let go of everything else in my mind and concentrate on what I’m knitting. This is a pattern where I cannot simply do mindless knitting until the lace part is done. I’m so used to doing mindless knitting that it is good practice for me to do something that is more of a challenge. No multi-tasking on this one :teehee: This is a, “LEAVE MOM ALONE” project :roflhard: I think that I hear the camisole calling my name:knitting: :thumbsup:


Lace definitely takes concentration. Just go to a place in your house where you will not be disturbed. If all else fails, take it to the bathroom and lock the door! HA!


:roflhard: :roflhard: I just might have to do that. I made one mistake tonight but I can’t tell the difference so I’ve decided to keep going instead of frogging it again. I’m not perfect and I need to accept that there will be times when I make mistakes. As long as no one else can see the mistake then why let it bother me so much?


I agree about the life lessons. I too hate to give up, which is why I hate to frog, but that’s another lesson I recently was taught by a friend, it’s not “quitting” when you frog, it’s just making good decisions…deciding you dislike a pattern or yarn and moving on! :wink:


I learned SO MUCH about fixing my mistakes with my first lace shawl (Sun Ray Shawl from I also learned not to have to tink back 2 rows, just pick up the yarn like the YO you missed and the K stitch you missed (the following row of lace).


Thanks for the encouragement and the helpful information :hug:

I have one more round to go on the lace then I start working on the body of the camisole. I think that I’ll be able to handle mindless knitting for about 10" :eyes: Maybe then I can multi-task again while I’m working in this project. Rats no more locking the bathroom door to knit :roflhard: :roflhard:


The body of my camisole is coming along nicely. I took DD to the yarn shop on Thursday b/c she had a question about a top she wanted to crochet. The shop owner talked to her for a long time and she ended up knitting her first scarf :woot: :woohoo: She choose a pretty blue Alpaca yarn and wants to learn how to knit so that she can make garments for herself. I’m so proud of her and it will be fun to have another knitter in the house. Just think of all the things that we can knit together, what fun!


:yay:How fun! And yay for doing so well on your cami!

One of my daughters can knit, but rarely does anymore. The others don’t and don’t want to. :noway:

I finished my sweater I’ve been working on for ages! Woo! Just started on another one that should go fast…big needles and fingering weight so it’ll be sorta lacy even though it’s garter and stockinette. The yarn however is cashmere and silk, and the the other one is merino. :inlove:


Wow what a nice yarn. To be honest, I hope that kids like me these days will start knitting more. People say it is starting to come back.


:cheering: How exciting to have another knitting in the home!

Knitting is DEFINITELY a hit right now. :thumbsup:
And I don’t think it will go out of style any time soon.


It is fun to have another knitter in the house. Jan, I can’t wait to see pictures of your finished sweater and the new project you are starting.


Knitting is BACK in style and it’s here to STAY!!! :happydance: