Never leave home without my knitting


I’m hoping the weather stays far enough away from you…I got a weather alert this morning about the hurricane and was thinking of you…

at least you’re making progress on the throw…you’ll be done with it soon enough…


Thanks, Abby! I’m looking forward to working on it tonight while I watch the new episode of Top Chef.


Last night we had a tree fall on our clothes line in the back yard. It was a dead tree in the neighbors yard but it fell into our yard. Now I have another thing to add to DH’s Honey Do List. Saw up the wood and fix my wash line.

Today I took my girls to see the movie “Eclipse.” It was a pretty good movie if your into that kind of thing. At lease Rebecca enjoyed herself.


Um…shouldn’t the neighbors at least help??! It was their dead tree that probably should have been taken out a long time ago. :??


I agree, but she never sets foot in her back yard. The tree was growing in her back yard but hanging over our fence. At least it didn’t go through the trampoline. The wash line can be fixed once the rain stops.


The good thing about the rainy weather is that it makes you feel like watching a good movie and sitting down to knit. I need to work on that throw so that I can move on to other c-mas presents.

What does everyone have planned for the big 4th of July weekend? We are working and doing nothing special other than trying to stay dry :teehee:


We are planning on attending Freedom Fest at Sheppard AFB on July 3rd. This includes fireworks, music concerts including Wade Bowen and activities for the family. On the 4th, will be church, family and after church out to set off our own fireworks. Provided it is not raining. 2 years ago, Tops in Blue gave a concert which was really Awesome!!! It is wonderful living in a city that has a base. I have so much admirarion for our soldier and servicemen.:hug:


It is still her responsibility, because the tree is in her yard. If anything in your yard is damaged, it should be covered by her homeowner’s insurance, including removal of the tree from your property.


In Florida … what falls in your yard is your (or your insurance company) responsibility to take care of … even if it is someone elses tree. They just have to take care of the part that is still on their property :frowning:


Unbelievable! :thud:


I agree!!! Our last big hurricane ( I can’t remember his name, but I am pretty sure it was a boy) a HUGE oak tree ended up in a friend’s yard (it started in her next door neighbor’s yard) … damaging their pool and taking up pretty much the whole back yard … their HOI had to pay for the guys to saw off the limbs AND the crane to take away the “big part”… re-surface the pool and all the clean-up … so not fair ! Not to mention they had no electricity for two weeks.


Sounds like tons of fun, enjoy!


It’s really not a big deal and I don’t want to make enemies with the neighbors. DH just hasn’t had the time to go out and take care of it. He’s a Mr. Fix-It so he should be able to get the wash line up again. It’s not like I could have used it with all of the rain we’ve had the last week. And it looks like there are more stroms brewing in the Atlantic that may make their way into the Gulf. Sounds like a good time to bet more of my kntting done.

The throw that I was knitting for my MIL for c-mas is now going to be a wedding gift for my nephew. His wedding is this fall and that would make a perfect gift for him and his new wife. Something knit with love in every stitch to represent their love for each other. I’ll just have to find something else for my MIL for c-mas. But with the way things are going with the in-laws they’ll be lucky if I even give them COAL for c-mas. Long story that is not worth getting into. At least some things never change.

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY TO Y’ALL:muah: :hug:


Only 20" to knit on my throw :woot: I can’t wait to finish it :happydance: But I’m going to send it to my nephew as a wedding gift. He is getting married this fall, so now I need to knit something else for my MIL for c-mas.

Off to the pool so that Rachel can get in her swim for the day. I can’t decide if I want to swim too or just sit and bake in the sun :teehee: Gotta love living in the south.


Well, from the sounds of the weather reports this evening it should be a dryer weekend. YIPEE!!! I’m starting to feel like a caged animal and do not like looking at gray skies. It’s been so long since I’ve seen the sun I might go buy some vitamin D~LOL! But I’m sure that once the rain moves on and the sun comes out so will the heat~YUCK!!! Guess we need to finish insulating the atic to save money in the long run on our electric bill. I sure don’t want to have another $500.00+ bill again this summer. That was a real bummer.


We have the rain in Wichita Falls today so i do hope you are gettiing a break. I am going to use the time to knit on a prayer shawl for a friend. I also need to work on Hokey Pokey because Pooh and Friends is about to be mail to me as well. I get to do Eeyore and the border on that one. It will be my first blanket border for an Oddball.


We are getting a break but now the heat will hit us. Welcome to summer in Texas :teehee: How fun for you to be able to work on so many odd ball baby blankets. I will also get to work on a border on one of them, can’t for the life of me remember which one this late at night. Right now I’m working like a mad woman trying to finish up a throw. It is looking so beautiful, I can’t wait to get it finished.


Our 15 year old DD went on her first date tonight. A boy from church has been texting her and they like each other. He asked for our permission to take DD to a baseball game with his older sister and her boyfriend. DH was not excited about his little girl going, but I thought that it would be ok. After much discussion and setting ground rules we met the boy and his sister. He was very polite and seemed respectful. This is something that we haden’t been prepared for but I guess you have to let them spread their wings a little. It is nice to see DD smile non-stop. She hasn’t done that since before my mother passed away over 8 years ago. Wish us luck as we enter this phase of parenting. My grandmother used to say, “little kids little worries, big kids big worries.” You don’t realize the truth to that saying until you have children that are growing up faster than your ready for them too.


Prayers for your peace of mind about your daughter. My 17 year old’s DGF is 15 and a real sweetheart! We have a good relationship with her and are friendly with her mom and stepfather(her dad passed away from cancer a couple of years ago). Her mom told me early on that they were excited that Summer had started to smile and be herself again after they started seeing each other. They have been seeing each other since November now.


I’ve been there three times with both of our daughters and my stepdaughter. It can be a scary thing for sure especially when they start going out with boys who can drive. :zombie: My girls were about 16 before they started going out alone…before that it was only groups (although I’m smart enough to know kids pair off…urk). I don’t understand this need to start dating so young. It just makes them grow up too fast. I guess we can’t stop it we can only do what we think is best at the time. You’re good parents so your daughter has learned well. :hug: