Never leave home without my knitting


Thanks for the great idea, Brenda. I never thought about using zuchinni instead of pasta noodles. That would cut down on the old grocery budget too, espically since Rachel and I can’t have regular pasta. We have to have gluten free pasta. I’m going to have to try that recipe out.


Thanks for the concern, Jan. My neighbor tells me the same thing, it is probably nothing but stress. Then again, it’s always good to get your blood work done once a year to keep track of things as we age. I think that it’s just common for mothers to take care of everyone else first and if they have the time and energy, themselves last. I’m guilty of that!


That is exactly why I know about substituting that. My ex has Celiac Sprue and we were gluten free for around 4 years.


Still waiting on blood test results, meanwhile I passed another kidney stone last night OUCH!!! I’ve had so many of those little buggers that I’ve lost count. My dad had 16 in his lifetime, but I think that I’ve passed him up by now. My kidney is like a gravel pit and when they decide to move they hurt. It is worse than child birth. I hope that the blood tests will give us a clue as to why I’m so tired all of the time and explain the weight loss. DD is worried that I have cancer, since there is such a high family history of it. I’m trying to keep her calm but she tends to worry. Off to rest and work on an odd ball baby blanket. It’s a good thing that we didn’t have any plans for the holiday weekend :teehee:


Ouch! What causes kidney stones?


In my case, its genetics. Thanks, Dad!:teehee: Luckily, I passed them and just have a sore back today :happydance: Now I’m ready to take the girls to the pool and swim some laps. Gotta get ready for swim team, which starts next week for Rachel. Then, home for laundry and dinner. Tonight I work and so does DH, no holiday weekend for us :teehee: Maybe I’ll stop by Block Buster and rent a movie for the girls and I to watch tonight. I’ve been wanting to see “Dear John” I’ll let y’all know if it’s any good.


The movie “Dear John” was ok, not as good as some of the other Nicholas Sparks movies. I want to read the book and see if that is better than the movie.

OTN: socks for FIL
throw for MIL
scarf for myself :happydance:

I just realized that Christmas will be here before I know it. I’d better kick it into high and :knitting: :knitting: :knitting: :teehee:


the book is pretty good…my brother who saw it said the movie wasnt anywhere near as good as the book was…but it’s still on my list of to see movies since it is a nicholas sparks movie


It wasn’t a bad movie but I’m sure the book is better.


IMO books are almost always better. They go more in depth and detail and don’t leave things out because of time constraints. :thumbsup:


I agree, I just wish that I had more time to read books. Maybe I should invest in books on tape so that I can knit while I listen to the book. That way I can kill two birds with one stone:teehee:


I’ve changed the title to my thread~finally! As of last Friday I became an Independent Mary Kay Consultant. What an exciting time for me :woohoo: If anyone needs some product I’ll have a web site up soon and you can place an order there. Wish me luck in my new adventure. Thanks!


Congratulations on starting as a Mary Kay consultant! It is really fun! I sell Avon and the benefits are great! AND if you sell enough Mary Kay- you could get a car!


Good luck, Brenda! Will you still continue the piano lessons and babysitting?


Yes, I’m going to have to continue with the piano lessons and baby sitting until I can get the Mary Kay business off and running. I hope that it won’t take too long. I figured up how many hours I already work on those little side jobs/week and it was a total of 45.5 for only $6.26/hr. DD, Rebecca, really wants to do Mary Kay as a career when she grows up so this is my way of helping to teach her. With her Asperger’s she will have a jump start on her future. I just hope that I don’t spread myself too thin in the meantime. Oh, the things that we do for our children :teehee:


Best of luck to you Brenda!!


Thanks, Melanie. I have my Mary Kay Debut set for the 10th of July. I’m getting excited and overwhelmed with everything that I have going in my life. I just hope that the Mary Kay thing works out becaues I need to give up these overnight nanny jobs. Last night the little girl woke up at 3:43am and was readly to go for the day. She came to bed with me but that was not restful sleep so I feel like a zombie today. If I go back to bed for a little while that takes time away from homeschool and my girls. Not what I want!

Yesterday I rear ended someone on my way home from the nanny job. Luckily there was no damage to either of us but I’m suffering from a little case of whip lash. Good thing I have some Celebrex in the house. I’ve also been using an ice pack and then some heat off and on to help with the sore muscles. Life is always full of excitement at our house :teehee:

On the knitting front: I’m working on MIL’s throw for c-mas. I have about 1/2 of it done so I’m looking at it as I have 1/2 left:woohoo: I had to frog the socks that I was knitting for my FIL because I dropped a stitch and couldn’t figure out how to fix it, that was a bummer. Oh well, one project at a time. Socks go pretty fast so I’m sure that I can get those done once I finish the throw.


Well, it looks like there might be a hurricane headed into the Gulf of Mexico. It doesn’t really matter as much where it hits because of the oil leak. So many people in so many different states will be effected by this one. How sad! I guess it’s time to get the batteries, bottled water, candles, canned food, etc. ready for this one. They are predicting flooding for the Houston area in the next few days. Welcome to living in the south!


I am glad that you are the one further south on this one. The positive side of this one is that it is not going to affect the slick area a whole lot if it tracks as predicted. Another personal positive for you is you can knit through it! Praying for safety for you and yours through the storm.:hug:


According to the 6pm news we are supposed to get 3-5 inches of rain from hurricane Alex. It is going to hit south of us but we will reap the benefits from it. We really need the rain but not the flash flooding that happens in Houston. But what are you going to do? You can’t control the weather, you just endure it. I pray for those people that have been or will be affected by the hurricane.

We found out today that DD’s swim meet that was supposed to be this last weekend and was called off has been rescheduled for the day of my Mary Kay debut. Now I have to find a different day for my debut because I refuse to miss DD’s swim meet. I guess it’s a good thing that I haven’t mailed those invitations yet :thumbsup: I just have to change all of the invitations with the new date and time~bummer. Oh well, it could be worse

Our Chihuahua is pregnant and due in about 10 days. :woot: She is growing bigger each day. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the delivery goes well for her.

My Christmas knitting is slowly getting done. I have about 25 more inches to knit on the throw for my MIL. It’s really looking pretty, I can’t wait to finish it so that I can post the pics. I also want to finish it because it’s hot to work with in this heat :cool: I have figured out that it’s easier to lay it beside me and knit than have it on my lap. Now if I could just keep all of the dog hair off it I’d be in great shape :mrgreen: