Neck edge

I am knitting my first jumper . I am now having problems with understand the neck edge , so it states.
Next row k2tog (neck edge), knit to end (56) (my size)
Does it mean knit 2tog till you reach 56 stitches then just carry on knitting one stitch . Any help please

Hi Patty63,
You k2tog once (shaping the edge of the neck) and then knit regularly to the end. Do you have the exact wording? The “(56)” indicates either the total number of stitches on your needle when done or the total not counting the k2tog st. Either way, you only do k2tog once at beginning of row.

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Another problem . I have which I thought finished the front , I followed the instructions. On the last row I did it stated cast off REM 7 (my size), this left 1 stitch on my needle .
The next row then says with ws facing , rejoin yarn REM (57) sets and purl to last stitch then K1
What does it mean by rejoin the yarn , does that mean I have to cast on another 56 stitches ??
I don’t know whether I have gone wrong . My first attempt of a jumper . Thank you in advance :blush:

What is the name of your pattern?
After you cast off the remaining 7sts, cut the yarn leaving about a 6 inch tail to weave in later. Pull the yarn through the last stitch which will fasten it off so that it doesn’t unravel.
There should be 57sts which haven’t been worked yet. Perhaps you were shaping the neck and binding off on the first shoulder and now you’re going back to shape and finish the second shoulder?
Start knitting with a new end of yarn again leaving about 6 inches to weave in later. You don’t need to cast on more sts. The first couple of sts may seem a bit loose but you can always snug them up later by pulling on the yarn tail.
If you think it might help, you can post a photo of your knitting. Use the landscape icon in the center of the top ribbon in the Reply box.

James C Brett pattern jb511

I only have one stitch left

Is this one side of the front, one shoulder with another shoulder still to be worked? or is this the entire front ?

I may have gone wrong where it say place a marker , but I don’t know why, I did place a marker and cast off 10 stitches , perhaps that where I gone wrong ?

Place the markers, K56 sts, cast off 10sts for the center neck, knit the remaining 56 sts. You’ll have 57sts to work the first shoulder. Purl back to the neck edge and turn. Decrease one stitch at the neck edge, knit across, purl back to the neck edge again. Now you’re going to be decreasing one stitch at the neck edge on rows 2,4,7,9. Work the other rows, 1,3,5,6,8,10 without any decrease. Repeat these 10 rows 4 more times.

Those gradual decreases should look like this:

It doesn’t look like there are the gathers that you have across the front in the pattern photo. Is it possible that you k2tog across that row?

Thank you for that, so I need to undo it till I get back to the markers ?

That where I cast off ten stitches

Yes, take it out down to the marked row. When you knit across the 56sts you can put those sts on a holder if you want. It’ll keep them in reserve until the pattern wants you to work with them. Then cast off the next 10sts. The remaining sts are the ones you’ll be working on for the first shoulder.
You can read ahead in the pattern to see the directions for the second shoulder just to make sure.

Many thanks fir your help :blush:

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I have undone it to the 56 stitches and the 57 stitches, casting off 10 stitches so do I know just work on the first 56 in to the 10 I have cast off and leave the rest of the stitches on the needle to work on later ?

That looks good. Yes work on the sts that have the yarn strand coming off them. You can leave the other shoulder on the needle to be worked later.
Your yarn is such a lovely mix of colors.

Many thanks for all your help . Finger crossed I may do it right this time :crossed_fingers:

Delighted to help with this beautiful sweater. Come back with any questions and please post a photo when you finish!