My blog

How is everyone?

My computer is fixed.

Good! I hate computer problems!

I’m fine, hope all is well with you, too. :thumbsup:

Glad you’re back!

Oh, I hate computer problems. We had to spend several weekends getting ours up and running. I think that it came from FaceBook and not having a fire wall. Live and Learn:teehee: Glad your back on the blogs.

One of my dogs passed away. :cry:

I’m getting another book published.

Wow! Didn’t know you were a published author!! Congratulations on Book #? (2? 3?)

:cheering: :yay: :cheering: :yay:

It’ll be book 2. Rose of Thy Beauty, Rose of Thy Sleep is the 1st one. It’s a poem book.

OOOOO!! Congrats on getting your book published!:yay: ( I am soooo going to read both of them! They sound sooooo goood!)


Big news. My vet sold to a bigger company. I still work there. I may need a new computer. I’m going to tow Halloween parties. One with my mom and the other with my job couch. I may move out next year.

This doll is cute.

How is everyone. Sorry it’s been so long. Just got my new computer.

I’m happy that my new computer works. It’s fast. Got deep freeze. It does not let me download anything but that is good. <So i don’t get bad stuff on it.

I’m tiring to knit for Japan. I’m just going to knit hats.

Going to knit today. :knitting:

My older sister is having a baby boy. :inlove: You know what that means. Time to knit.

Oh yeah, baby knitting is fun!

My twin moved out and is getting married soon. I’m knitting hats for the army.