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Thank you.

One day I’ll be making my own yarn. I’m going to turn 24 on March 5th.

My step grandfather passed away. My dog has cancer in her neck. The other dogs keep going after her.

Hi Camilla,

I’m sorry about your step grandfather. And your dog too! I’ll keep you and your family in my prayers.

You’re about to turn 24 next week! My daughter will be 24 in October. If I don’t get to “chat” with you, have a great birthday!!

Thank you.

I may go back to GED class.

I’m going to Momo con on march the 21st. It’s a Japaneses convention. :inlove:

Sounds like fun! Is that where you get those dolls?

Hi Camilla! Just wanted to wish you a very happy 24th birthday today!! Have a wonderful day!
:balloons: :hug:

At the deals room or online.

One more week till momo con. :woohoo: I’ll be going on Sunday.

Funny! I dont have one of those twins that was born with me but I have a little sister who,looks just like me its kinda freaky but cool.

Some stuff has come up and it looks like my filmy needs money but I’ll still go to momo con. my money is good.

What is momo con?

It’s a meet up in Georgia. Like a Japaneses one.

I’m back form momo con. I have the day off.

So, tell us about it! Did you have fun?

It was fun. I got a lot of stuff. My sister took a photo of me in my outfit. I tried to get a doll but it was more then I thought it would be. But I got some tv shows. I’m going to be getting a doll at Anime Weekend Atlanta. It’s in September.

Getting my first Pullip, a doll. She coming tomorrow. I’ll show her off then or Wednesday.

I’ve been to busy.