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Have you ever seen the Dollfie dolls?
Love them. :heart:

Pandora and Cassandra are very pretty. Thanks for posting their pictures. How are you Camila? I am new to the forum and I like your blog.

Hi Camilla! :waving: I think Pandora and Cassandra are quite pretty. How would you make them? Are they porcelain or ceramic?

When I was a little girl, my grandmother sewed a whole wardrobe for my Barbies. Wish I would’ve saved them.

It’s not hard to make dolls. I just have to learn to crave. I’ve never done it before. I just wanted to show my girls off.

What do you carve them out of? Wood? That’s very interesting. When you do it, please post pics for us to admire.

Clay or wax.

I’m kind of have to go to my doctor. I hope nothing is wrong with me but I’ve been in pain for a week.

I hope things go well for you at the doctor’s office. Crossed Fingers

They found nothing wrong but I’m going to another one for it. There is no pain or blood any more but it fells funny on my right side and I have been all most vomiting. It’s too odd.

I’m going to take a pregnancy just in case. I’ve been felling a bit odd. The sad thing is I have names if I’m having one. Madison or Elliot.

Best of luck! Let us know.

I will.

I hope had a good Thanksgiving.

Yes, it was a good Thanksgiving. How about yours?

It was fun.

So, I’m going to a doctor on the 11th and My work is having an x-mas party. I’m going to see if anything is wrong. Besides the pain I’m good. I’m getting a outfit for momo con that’s in march 21st.

I’m doing good. Marry x-mas.

Merry Christmas Camila! Hope you had fun at your party!

Yes, I did. My computer broke. lots has been going on. I want to a dance the other day. I met a nice guy.

Welcome back! Missed seeing your blog on here. I hope everything’s going well with you. Happy (Early) Valentine’s Day!