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Your doll clothes are cute. :thumbsup:

I’m doing well, glad you’re feeling better.


My Mom and dad are comeing on tuseday. :inlove:


Welcome home to them! I know you’re glad they’re home. :cheering: :cheering:


Yes, I am.


I haven’t been on much. i’ve been to busy. I hope everyone doing well.


Me too! Busy knitting and busy trying to keep the house clean.


Hi Camila,

I’m doing well…trying to finish up a crocheted blanket for my cousin’s grandson.

Glad you’re doing well.


My step-mom has the flu, she not doing well. I’m just hoping it’s not the swine flu. :cry: I kind of fell sick.


Oh no, hope everyone gets well soon!


Take good care of yourself (plenty of fluids and rest).

Hope you and your stepmom feel better soon!


My setp-mom fells much batter. :inlove: I fell good to. I’m going out on the 19th. To Anime Weekend in Atlanta. It’s like japanese thing. I’ll be buying a doll. I’ll take pics of it.


Have fun!


Her name will be Ofelia. She’ll be 2feet big. :muah:


So, did you get Ofelia? How is she?


I could n’t get her but I’ll get her in march. I had lots of fun.

I’m aslo getting another doll. Here is a pic of her.

Find me a good name. XD


I love the doll! So precious. :heart:


She’s adorable! She looks like a Mia to me.


I found a website to make these dolls. Wish me luck. I’m doing well. In march the 21st is momo con. I will post a pic of my dolls later.


This is Pandora. She’s a ballerina.

And this is Cassandra. She’s a model.

They’re both hujoo dolls and fit in most barbie clothes. That’s the best thing about them. :inlove:

Yes, I like to make them have jobs.


They’re cute, Camila. :thumbsup: