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I’m knitting hats for people with chemo. 18/20 hats.
18 more hats to go. :inlove:


that is a lot of hats! It is very nice of you to knit for cancer patients!


17 hats to go. Oh, yeah happy new year. I hope everyone had a good x-mas. I saw my nephew. He’s almost walking. I’m going to a church. It is my first time at one. Just want to give it a try. Me and my twin will be going some where in march.


Hey, lady’s and guys. I just found out my hours will be cut. I will have tow days off form work till we get more peeps in. I may get a second job. I have Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday off. But on Sunday I go to church. Wish me luck.


Good luck! I hope things pick up so you get more hours.


I got a new job. Sorry it’s been so long. My step-mom has congestive heart failure. So, she is on a life vast. (It will shock her if she has a heart attack and hopeful it will help.) One of my dogs had to have sugary to remove is leg that had cancer. (He has one year left.) Anther of my dogs has seizures. He seams to be getting a bit better but I can’t tell. :pout: Well, my bothers b-day is this Tuesday. I hope you lady’s and guys are doing well.


Congratulations on your new job! :balloons: I’m sorry you have so much sad news. I hope your knitting helps you cope with all that’s going on. What are you knitting these days?


I m ay try to knit a sweater.


The dog that has seizures has passed away. My step-mom is getting better. I have to finish a hat.


One of my dogs Boris has a few weeks to live. He is the best dog ever. He is noble. He is a golden German shepherd. :sad:


I’m glad your step mom is getting better.

I’m sorry to read about your dogs. That’s sad and such a hard thing to have happen.

Yes, you should knit a sweater.


Hi, everyone. Been to long. I’ve been busy with my new job. Need to work on the sweater today. it’s for my dad for next x-mas or his b-day. I’m going to buy everyone ones gifts for next early. Really love my new job. :heart: Working on a hat for my Pastor new born girl.


I’m so glad you checked in. It sounds like things are going well for you. I make things for whatever occasion is closest when they get finished too. :slight_smile:


Hi, I should really put this site on my favs or I’ll forget to loge in. I’m doing well. I might be moving out in tow years. Kniting a dress for on of my dolls.


:hiding: Sorry I have been not on. But my job is going well. working on a panda hat for my nephew. :woohoo: All my pets are doing well.


Also I found some 1966 barbies. And bought them. And i had a dream about a spy doll. She has a Crocheted cloak. It was cool.