KFK is back from the dead


Sure - I took the link off my signature since I haven’t posted anything to that blog in months :whoosh:

At the moment I am drawing a blank, so I will post that link when I think of what it is.

There is a thread for fibro here on this KH site, I have to go my subscribed threads and get that link for you.



It’s called Fibro/Chronic Fatigue Friends




Here is the FO - hanging up to dry, washed nice and fresh for the baby. He is the newborn son of my ex-brother-in-law’s stepdaughter :teehee: doesn’t that sound like a convoluted family connection?

His mom is my kids’ cousin, that makes it sound better!

Not sure why its called “bunratty” except that must be baby talk for bunny rabbit, but there is nothing particularly rabbit-like about it.

It is my first granny square project!


How did I do that? I have the pic I wanted for my avatar, set in my signature!


So what is you fibro routine, “treatment” like now?:muah:


I fixed it for you. Not sure what you were doing, but it looks fine now. :thumbsup:


Love the blanket! :heart:
And your photo looks great. :slight_smile:
I’m a blonde now too, because all my red hair has faded away.


I was so sick this weekend, that now, Tuesday evening, I am feeling good and it feels like I came back from the dead! :mrgreen:

I think it was a reaction to a new medication. Needless to say I am off it now!

So now that I am feeling good, I feel like taking on new projects! I washed the baby blanket, the pic I posted was while it was drying. But I have a question - every time I “weave in ends” in my crochet work (don’t have this problem with knitting) they always pop out and stick up :?? and look sloppy :wall:

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated! I am now going to go back and at least try to pull them through to the “wrong” side, before mailing it off tomorrow.

I am in the weaving in ends stage of the other crochet afghan too, so am planning to work on that tonight while watching netflix. It is pouring rain with thunder and lightning like crazy out there. Perfect night for knitting.

I haven’t actually knitted anything in months, after my hands were bothering me so bad and I switched to crochet. But I’m thinking of trying again.

Thanks Jan for fixing my pic!! :muah:


I wish I could help with crochet, but alas…I am just a knitter. I can only do very basic crochet stitches.


Glad you’re feeling better! I’m a crocheter. My suggestion would be to weave your ends into a few stitches in one direction, and then switch directions. I also make a slip-stitch every now and then when I weave in ends. I’ve also seen where someone’s split the yarn, and woven each piece in a different direction. Hope this helps!!


My girls were here all week, it was SOOO FUN having them! :happydance:

While they were here I finished the first cat toy, so that Rox (DD#2) could take it home to her cat when she left. I used a nylon knee-high as a liner to hold the catnip so that it wouldn’t leak out the spaces in the crochet fabric.

From here they went on to Miami and she won’t get home til Sunday night, so I won’t know til then whether it passes the true cat test!


Cute! Love the colors you used. :heart:


Today is a delicious cozy day at home, knitting :knitting:.

I am working on the afghan in my sig below. Cameron asked me to make it for Sammi’s b-day, but he has no clue how long it takes me to knit things… I wasn’t knitting when he lived at home with me years ago! So it won’t be ready in time, her b-day is in a week, but I should have enough done by then to take a decent pic for him to show her :teehee:

It poured rain last night and thundered and lightninged, but today is sunny. Its kind of funny feeling “cozy” on a warm sunny day, but I do!


My oldest daughter is pregnant! Yay!!! :woohoo::cheering::woot:cloud9

I am so happy! She lives in Hong Kong with her husband… maybe I can get a transfer to a dialysis clinic there? :think: HA! I wish I could see her and give her a big hug! Thank goodness for skype!

So of course YOU all know how my mind is working… I can’t wait to start knitting baby things! Jan if you are reading this, my next move (after going to work, minor detail) is to review your blog and look at those baby sweaters you have done … I know I often have seen adorable ones on your page :wink:

Have a great day everyone! :hug:


PS: This is my first grandchild!! woohoo!


Congratulations! I don’t know what I’d do if one of my daughters lived that far away and was pregnant with my first grandchild! :zombie:

Ravelry had a lot more of my knitting so check there. I haven’t kept up the blog at all. The Rav link is in my signature.

I’m weaving in the ends now of Baby Kina for my nieces new baby. It’s so cute!


OMG! Aren’t you excited!!! :cheering:
Congratulations, my friend. :muah:


Congrats on being a Grandmother! Maybe you could start with some baby bootys! ( I think I would!:lol: ) But congrats again!


Congratulations!!! :muah:


When I read your all’s congrats I feel all warm and fuzzy! Thanks for celebrating with me! cloud9

I downloaded Saartje’s booties, and got some gorgeous yarn at my favorite LYS (Knitch). It is Frogtree Pediboo washable merino/bamboo sock yarn, very soft. A deep taupe for the “sole” and a soft blue for the tops, very near/identical to the colors used in the pic DD sent me.

Am still working on the afghan for DS’s GF, which is coming along well now that I have figured out what to do to keep the yarn from tangling.

I ordered a “yarn stranding guide” from KP which I wear on middle finger, so I can control tension with pointer finger. It took me some playing around with to get it right, but it works like a charm to keep strands from tangling.

The second thing is (and Sandy, I didn’t believe it til I tried it) was, because the Cottonease is “super twisted” - I had to pull the yarn from the OUTSIDE not the inside! The third thing is to just put all 3 balls in a paper shopping bag to keep them together - allows them to flip over when needed, since its feeding from outside. :happydance:

I was getting SO frustrated, and I’m so happy to have that problem solved! I actually bought replacement yarn I was going to dye to get the right color… but now I don’t have to - not sure if I will keep it, its very cool, Tahki Montana very chunky wool, 2 st/in.

Gotta go to work! :whoosh: