KFK is back from the dead


The booties sound like they will be adorable! :inlove:

SO glad you figured out the twisting problem. Every yarn has its own personality, doesn’t it?


Here you go, worth waiting for I hope. Here is a pic of my grandson Asher at his blessing last Saturday, wrapped in the blanket I crocheted :blooby:

Glad it got there on time!


Precious! Beautiful blanket too. :slight_smile:


Thanks Sandy! I follow your exploits on Facebook more often than showing up here, nice to be connected! Hope your holiday season is going great :present: (we should really have holiday emoticons, no? I wish my e-mail program did too!)


I am a Facebook ADDICT! :teehee:

Here are some offsite Christmas emoticons I found:
Christmas 1
Christmas 2
Christmas 3
Christmas 4
Christmas 5
Christmas 6

And you’ll find other holidays in the main emoticon page for that site:


Here is the FO, came out great! I put up my “process” (not exactly a pattern…) in Ravelry but have not figured out how to share - and how to make friends on there either, but I have faith that I will find out in due time :wink:

Now to start the handwarmers to match! Rox saw me working on scarf when I was up there for her graduation (she graduated from CUNY journalism grad school - so proud of her :blooby: ) so no surprise but heck, she and I both are usually late and at least she saw I was working on it! Who knows I may have those handwarmers done in time to mail for Christmas! :teehee:

Thanks to Jan for the patterns she directed me to, gave me ideas!!

Oops it says upload failed - no time to figure out why now, hope to be back later to fix. The jpeg is 2.88 MB, is that too big? It says 146.5 KB is max, and KB is bigger than MB, no? At least for kilograms vs mg it is!


There, I changed your picture for you and removed the one from your signature. I’m not sure what you were doing, but possibly not putting it in the right place or maybe not deleting the old one?


Here is a pic of DD in her Christmas present from me :yay:
That’s the scarf y’all helped me come up with - even though I ended up making my own version :mrgreen:




And here is the scarf arranged flat - it looks a bit lopsided on her but is actually not.


That came out pretty!!


Thanks Jan! I love seed stitch :slight_smile:


Am enjoying the latest KP and LB catalogs - I always like the LB patterns, and try to figure a way to use the cheaper, natural fiber yarns from KP to make them. Sadly the KP projects they show sometimes look a bit “off” :??

I am wondering why the recycled “Full Circle” yarn is more expensive than WOT. If they were going to discard it. But I guess the process of making it into something usable cost money. I would like to see a sample before trying it, not sure if they will bother with swatch cards since it is a limited time only thing.

LB has some interesting new yarn too. Like I will need to buy yarn anytime soon - I have about a decade’s worth of “stash” :mrgreen:


How many times have I come back from the dead on here? It must be proof of reincarnation!





What Jan said…

Welcome back! Again.


Hi, I have read only a bit of your Blog but will read more later. It is getting late now. My online name is Christine. I noticed that you started a blog group for those with FM. I posted in there just earlier. I think it is a great idea.

I will post a bit later in the week after I have read some of the blogs

Take care


I know I have posted on this website during this time, must have been desperate pleas for help in the help forums!

Here is what’s going on for me now - It never occurred to me to block a gauge swatch - but although I usually knit either true to gauge or slightly loose, on the 70% wool, 22% silk, 8% cashmere Taj mahal fingering yarn I happened to have in my stash that I am using for an elegant special newborn baby present, (vertebrae cardi pattern by Kelly Brooker) my gauge came out 29 sts in 10 cm rather than 28. So close! If I am thinking correctly, this will result in a smaller cardi, and it is already a newborn garment that will only be worn for such a short time.

So I did a whole other swatch on the next size needle up and got 28 sts in 10 cm, exact to gauge. But then I saw Amy’s video on blocking a gauge swatch :oo: why didn’t I think of that? I bet that one st difference would just stretch out without even trying. However, I may go with the one size up needle anyway since slightly bigger is really better. This baby is a boy (they found out with a new blood test! :zombie: ) and her babies tend to be biggish anyway.:zombie: This is my elder daughter on her third offspring :inlove: She is the former sales person for a high-end boutique in the Caesars’ Forum shopping arcade in Las Vegas - the elegant yarn will not be lost on her. It is gorgeous but still baby-like in buttercup yellow. The yarn is actually no longer available, I’m glad I got it as a present from my partner’s mom, who is a terrific knitter and yarn afficionado.

I went ahead and blocked both - “blocked” may be an overstatement - I soaked them and rolled them and laid them out, to see what the natural size will be. My daughter will be doing great to hand wash this garment, unlikely to take trouble over laying it out to any particular dimension. I will “block” when it is finished to the extent of making sure it is at least as big as it is supposed to be, but I am curious about the size it “wants” to be with the different needles. Sigh. No wonder it takes me so long to make anything!

Even so I have been slowly productive in the time I have been away from this blog - you can see my projects on Ravelry under the name Kung Fu Crocheter. I am actually NOT much of a crocheter, but that is another story for another post …

Love and appreciation to all the skilled, kind and dedicated folks who hang out here :muah:


Welcome back, HsiaoKuo! Always good to hear from you.
Taj Mahal is indeed lovely yarn and your baby sweater will be wonderful, I’m sure.


Welcome back! Hope to see more of you!!