KFK is back from the dead


OK I think I might know what’s going on with the tension - the blue lagoon afghan is done w 2 strands held together - and the needle size is not that much bigger than I’d use w one strand, so its a really dense knit. I really like the way it comes out though, its going to be a really sturdy, durable and warm blanket. However with my hands like this I will have to wait. I’m thinking I might even go to an addi-turbo type needle to make it a bit more slippery.

So I played around with a swatch for a free pattern at Lion’s brand, not the one above - I downloaded it without saving the link so if I find it again I’ll post. Its a very basic single and double crochet afghan in varying width stripes, and working the swatch did not hurt my hands, so i ordered KP Swish worsted yarn, similar but not same colors as pictured. cloud9

Of course you never know what they will look like exactly… my color swatches are outdated. Was not too expensive :happydance:

Hey I did not tell you guys yet, I am looking for a house to buy! So this will be my own housewarming gift to myself :teehee: Hopefully, if it does not take me 1.5 yrs to make, like the last crochet blanket I made!:roflhard:

I figured it s the best time to look w prices down… going out w the realtor tomorrow afternoon! Wish me luck!


I’m sorry you’re hurting! What causes the fleshy part to hurt? I find that knitting with two strands tightly can hurt my hands. I can’t do it for very long. Metal needles are hard on the hands, too.

That’s a pretty afghan! Should look lovely in your new house…when you get it. :thumbsup:


Going to the lake tomorrow! :blooby:

Maybe I can dig out the pattern I have for a water bottle holder in crochet. That’s the kind of thing I could work on that wouldn’t matter if it got sand in it!

Yeah the hand pain as far as i can tell is just fibro. Thanks for the suggestions.


So glad that you have several projects to work on. That way, if you get pain in one project, you can switch to the other! :slight_smile:

Good luck with your house hunting! Crossed Fingers


My ex-husband sent me this pic he saw online

I bet he wishes I would have knit it for him :think:


Ha, now I am a convert to crochet! Who would have thought? I made the water bottle holder last Sunday on the lake trip (which was a lot of fun btw) - just eyeballed it, no need for pattern, frogged a few times before getting the exact fit, and even so finished the thing in much less than a day. It is serviceable and looks good, could not get a good pic for some reason, I think it needs to be photographed hanging from someone’s shoulder :teehee:

So I have started the Lionbrand pattern #70805AD, which is basically stripes of single and double crochet, varying widths for interest, in these colors: bordeaux, brick, allspice, caribbean (bright blue),avocado, and copper, with a black border. Its in KP Swish, and I tried to “sort of” match the Lionbrand suggested colors, but not exactly.

I think I may frog the Blue Lagoon knit afghan i started and do something similar with it, just because my hands don’t hurt when I crochet and they do when I knit. Hope this is not a permanent thing, I do love my knitting, but then again, crochet goes way faster!


I’ve been trying to do some crochet lately, but it hurts my right wrist if I do it too long. Arthritis. :help:

Anyway, you should check out the “Crochet” section of our forum. Recently, I started a CAL making dishcloths, and a couple of us have made them. Mine looks really weird, but it’s still pretty! :teehee:


Isn’t that weird Sandy? I had to stop knitting for now b/c THAT hurts my hands, and crochet doesn’t! I am using an “ergonomic” crochet hook though - only by accident, b/c my LYS only had that kind in the size I needed. Ended up getting a 3 hook set, that was all they had (no single hooks), and it was pricey to my mind. But no pain, so maybe worth a look. It s made by Clover and comes in a plexiglass storage tube. Though I had the exact name but it was on the packaging so long gone.

I’m so pleased with the way the afghan is looking! The colors are awesome together, which is pure good fortune b/c I could not really tell from the examples online. Its real fun and easy, but still interesting due to the color changes and the different widths of the stripes, plus it also varies the st from double to single crochet. The pattern is marked “beginner” which is right on for me :thumbsup:

Have been looking at houses til my eyeballs fall out of my head :zombie: Saw THE most gorgeous one yesterday, totally out of my price range, but from the front it looked small, and the owner was there and just let me in to see… OMG!!! Built in 1905 and everything restored to original, except better. Sigh. I really hope I can find a small one in that neighborhood, its near downtown and very diverse, old established neighborhood with history.
Gotta go to work! Have a good one! :waving:


I’m glad crocheting is working for you! It’s a good way to do an afghan anyway…faster. :wink:

That house sounds beautiful!


Here is a picture I have been wanting to share with you all for months, and have just now gotten to it! I got it at Starbucks on sale, it reminds me of the cabled afghan I did for DD#1 cloud9


That is so cool!



Gave me a chuckle.

Tried to paste the pic but NG.




Love the mug!


How many times will I say that? Probably a few more HA! I finally just changed my pic, my hair has been this color for 2 yrs! The pic was taken at Mitra’s wedding (DD) and then she moved to Hong Kong! Can you believe it? I just IM’ed with her and her husband today. She and her sister are both coming to visit me in 2 weeks! Yay!!!:blooby::woot::woohoo:

I have been mainly crocheting lately since the needles were bothering my hands. I have 2 projects (see sig) with less than an hour each to completion… very low energy today, probably won’t crochet, rather just browse patterns on the internet! Am looking for some crochet cat-toy patterns - seems like I have a book or 2 with some… I planted catnip, and am hoping to dry it and make cat toys for friends. If they look good I may offer them to the local pet store to sell.

Love to all of you, I have missed you!



Hi Laura! :waving: I missed you!

I made some knitted catnip toys once. They were quick and fun, and the catnip smelled interesting. I heard that they were appreciated by the kitties.

jdee’s cats having fun with them:

Mulder drowning his toy :roflhard: :roflhard:


Oh well, could not get pic to upload, despite resizing it so small I could hardly see it! Just imagine me with fluffy blond hair and cleavage :teehee:

It WAS a wedding :wink:


Wow Sandy those are great! I love the action pics!!!


Gosh, I wonder why your photo wouldn’t load? :??
Maybe the computer is just being weird. It happens to me sometimes. Try again later.


I just completed reading your entire blog. I too have fibromyalgia and was interested in going to the fibro site. I cannot find it, will you please give me more instructions?:wink: