KFK is back from the dead


Starting a new knitting project is ALWAYS satisfying. cloud9


Oh so you have your own apt now? That’s cool! :yay:


Yes, the room mate thing did not work. I found a real cute place in a gated community, very classy for only $135 more than I was paying her - and beautiful, precious privacy! HA! I did not realize how much I value that. cloud9

am moving in still, and have got my young 3rd cousin who is going to fly to Flag and bring my stuff here in a Penske truck - I did not bring furniture etc… because I did not need to, w the roomie.

The proposal went over well and I am on board to do a pilot for the clinic - and working hard to get ready for that, they need stuff by early next week! Program development, I can do that!! YES WE CAN ;>


Wow feeling terrific! Here are some of my gratitudes for today:
[li]By working all weekend I got everything they want ready for the pilot nutrition program for people with Fibro/Chronic Fatigue, due tomorrow! :woohoo:[/li][li]I have found a TERRIFIC CHURCH that is perfect for me, and I start choir practice Tuesday night![/li][li]My 3rd cousin from Boston is going to drive all my “stuff” here from Flagstaff in a Penske truck next week![/li][li]I have a potential date here in Atlanta -found on www.newageconnections.com :teehee: (now don’t go worrying, ladies, I am a safe online dater)[/li][li]I found the most wonderful chair massage guys at one of the ritzy malls here, and they even do foot massage! cloud9 Massage is a MUST for me, it is the only thing that stops my hands/arms from being numb all the time.[/ul]Anyway, lots going on. My stuff is still all over the place, and I found myself out at Starbucks enjoying a great coffee and dying to knit…so…my sock project is at home, and there is all that yarn in my car…so I started a little fluffy scarf in baby lace wt boucle mohair…gosh, how did I forget that boucle’ is a pain in the @#$! to knit?? :whoosh:[/li]
:blooby: No worries, life is good!


Your life sounds exciting and fun! :woohoo:


Hi Friends :waving:

I am getting internet hopefully by tomorrow - but right now have a signal from someone else in the building (very rare that happens) so am taking the opp. to post.

Had a job interview Friday that went well so we’ll see! They said they were interviewing several candidates. Its a job I would really enjoy I think, and the hours are flexible - they are actually open from 4:30 AM to 4:30 PM (its a dialysis clinic) so theoretically I could get there before traffic starts and leave the same.

Not 4:30 of course! :teehee:

Its kind of far away but w/o traffic would take less than 30 mins each way. If it were to really work out, I can move closer when my lease is up in 6 mos.


Finally found my camera so can hopefully post some pics soon. It is lovely here, with all the trees in bloom.

The “date” I mentioned earlier did not pan out, met him for lunch at Whole Foods but turns out we were not on the same wavelength. I just thanked him for lunch and shook his hand and left, about 45 mins into it :cool:

I did go to the “singles” night at church last night and it was really fun. We went on a hike close to the church then ate pot luck and sat around and talked. It was very well facilitated and by the end I really felt like we were all friends.


I have not been here in ages, and I just realized why- I am always on Facebook! :teehee:

I must say though, they do not have nearly enough knitting stuff! :wink:

I see I have not posted the pics I mentioned or any others since. It is kind of a pain to go through making them smaller. My hands are going through another one of their “phases” so I think I will wait til they are not zinging me so much.

Anyway just was thinking of you all :muah:


Good to see you again! :hug:
By the way, I’m on Facebook too.


I’d love to add you as afriend on facebook - how are you listed?


I’ll send you a private message with my details. :slight_smile:


The baby blanket is FINALLY DONE! I took the last st and set it aside 2 nights ago. Today I look at it again, weave in the last end, pack it up and mail it of.

But I have GOT to RANT about the advice I got when starting this @!#$@%^%&! shell st baby blanket!:gah:

I consider myself a knitter, not a crocheter, so I made sure to get advice from the woman at the LYS in Phoenix where I got the yarn. First off she insisted I hold the yarn HER way, which made the tension all wonky, and eventually after ripping things out and changing the hook size several times I got corrected. After all,. what is the liklihood that I an hold it HER way throughout an entire blanket? Jeez.

The WORST though was her insisting that I cut the yarn at the end of every row (there are 3 colors in this pattern, alternating each row) rather than carrying it over along the side. This resulted in so many ends to weave in, and because the colors contrast and the yarn is so slippery, it has turned into an ugly mess :verysad:I have done my best but it is not the kind of product I want to give anyone. It is such a shame, because it would have been easy to cover the carried over yarn with the final row of shells all around. I even told her I thought I should do that, but she was very insistent, and like a dummy I believed HER since she was the “expert”.

Anyway I think I will post a warning for others on this pattern. Of course the pattern itself does not mention at all WHAT to do with the yarn at the end of each row! :zombie:

So I know you are not supposed to say anything about “mistakes” when giving a home made gift - not sure if I can keep my mouth shut about this one though!

Today is my day off, and tomorrow my oldest daughter comes in to spend a 4 hr layover with me :blooby:YAY!!! We are going to the famous Mary Mac tearoom in midtown cloud9.

love to everybody!


Oh what a bummer! I think I would have taken her advice and learned the technique then did it my own way when I went home. No one knows everything. I can’t stand people like that. :doh: I’m glad it’s done though!

Did you know that your location still says Flagstaff? :teehee:


Thanks Jan I fixed my location in my profile!


Oh man! What a pain! I’ve met lots of people like that…and they really irk me. They think that their way is the only RIGHT way. :roll:
Congratulations on finishing your blanket! :cheering:


Now I just have to mail it :teehee:


Happy to say I have started 2 new projects from “stash” yarn - 1 a plain garter knit lace scarf - using KP alpaca lace yarn (not sure the name, the label came off). Mitra gave me the yarn last year for my B-day I think, and I had started and then frogged (repeatedly) a supposedly “easy” lace pattern scarf of it - finally frogged it for the last time yesterday and restarted plain. I have found with lace wt yarn, if the yarn itself is beautiful, a garter st on big needles (11s this time) makes a pretty, fluffy scarf.

This yarn has pretty undershades of pink in it you can barely see… I think it will be a nice FO. I’m not sure if I will need to buy another skein, I just have the one… I could not remember how many sts to cast on, so it is coming out wide-ish, which will be pretty b/c it can be follded over too. I don’t think the dye lot will matter on something like this, if I do need to.

Mitra was here for one night on her way back from Costa Rica to Calif - we had a great time, made the most of it - it was her birthday!! Cousin Phyllis had a party at her house and we went straight there from the air port, and bunches of family were there :inlove:
Its great living near family - these are folks Mitra has barely seen in her life.



The scarf sounds nice! :heart:


My poor hands! Maybe I will have to go back to crocheting til they feel better… too bad I am such a crummy chocheter :teehee:

That is not self-bashing, its just honesty! Dang though, I have this kind of cool-looking afghan shaping up, extremely easy and brainless, which is so relaxing, but my dang hands are hurting too much to knit it. Its the one in my sig, out of acrylic yarn held 2 strands at a time, different colors, then switched off, so its not stripes but bands of color blends shading into each other. So its simple but not boring. I’m using the K P interchangeables with wood tips, which usually don’t hurt…for some reason my sts are coming out super tight on the needle, not sure why b/c I usually have very “normal” knitting tension. But I’m having the same tight st problem with my scarf, so why is that I wonder? Why would my tension suddenly change?

Its not my joints, its the fleshy parts that just kill when I have to push to move the sts along on the needle. :zombie:


This one might work

Tried to past the pic but it wouldn’t…
I’m intrigued by the colors but not totally sure I like them together - mustard and pink?

Also, tried knitting on my tiny needle sock, did not really hurt and the tension seems normal, but the sts are so small that my eyes couldn’t deal… I’m falling apart :eyes: