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Very nice, Laura! Ikea? I like getting organized. I still need to do some of it, but I’ve got a little done. Our whole office is Ikea now. It’s where I keep my yarn and crafty stuff, too.

That’s a nice sock. Don’t forget to check out Silver’s Sock Class. It’s the one many of us start out with.


I just found another one I might go with for DS -

I like that its in sock yarn (although it goes slower than worsted for sure) and it is made for a guy so I feel more at ease that it will fit. Also- how adorable - it calls for using a toothpick as a cable needle! :wink:

So that means I can do the Lamb’s pride one for me :teehee:

Yup I always use Silver’s. I just keep it to refer to when I’m using another pattern.


Sounds like a good plan. The reason they sometimes advise using a smaller needle is so that the ribbing will not be wider than the rest of the sock. But, since you want it to be less snug, it might be smart to use the same size needle throughout.

Now, I’m thinking that you might want to use a LARGER needle on the gusset and instep, since that’s the part they say is snug.



I like that idea, Sandy. I actually started the socks as written, to either keep for myself or give to my sister or niece for Christmas, because I’ve decided to make that “short cabled man’s sock” for DS. I am in such a sock mood that I might cast on for that pair too and have 2 UFO socks going at the same time :teehee:

I [I]really [/I]like how the Lamb’s Pride is knitting up in the sock… I didn’t like it that much when I made DD#1 the afghan, because it was held double on large needles and it really came out mushy. In the socks it is nice and firm and springy. Its funny because I made a poncho for DD #2 way back when, from 2 kinds of alpaca yarn, one bulky and one DK I think… on SUPER big needles and it came out springy and had fantastic texture. Sometimes I find alpaca to be awfully limp, but not in that case. I wish the Lamb’s pride afghan had come out as well. I wonder if it being “superwash” makes a difference to its texture.

Anyway, this sock is almost ready to make the heel flap - it goes so fast on #5 needles. Right now its like the arm of a child’s sweater, with all those cables!! :mrgreen:

Hey I bet you guys know…how comemy blog is listed in grey letters, and your all’s are in red? Is it the number of posts you have? I thought I had graduated to red letters but I see not…


The red titles are topics you have not read yet. After you open a topic, the title turns grey.


Thanks Sandy! :teehee:


So, if you want to be red, just quit reading your own blog.


Today is a new day - sunny now, after a gloomy start - we had SNOW last night!!! Looks like about 2 inches, but it has melted on the driveway and roads thank goodness!

I started a new thread under the the “Off Topic” section in the forums, called Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Friends. I figure there are estimated to be 18 million of us in the USA, so some of 'em have to be on KH! :teehee: I just know I really need the support and encouragement of friends right now. People w/o the syndrome usually don’t understand what we go through to try to be “normal” :chair:

I laugh because my family and my previous husbands always thought (and said) I was so weird… and that was with me trying full-out to be as normal as I can be. The deal is, I choose to do everything I can to support my own well being, which means a lot of “modifications” - (read: acting weird) but by doing so, I am a healthy person who happens to have a manageable health condition, not a flaming victim in crisis.

So! Bring it on! I am so excited, I am going to Atlanta to a special clinic next month, and I am very hopeful that they have many more (probably weird) treatments and tricks up there sleeves to help me be even healthier and happier :blooby:

So to anyone reading this, if you know other KH friends who have fibro/CFS, pass on the info about the new thread :mrgreen:

:heart: Laura


:heart: it. I have been playing on Linked-In and Facebook and have a discussion going with a guy i saw first on Stumbleupon a long time ago. Its not like [I]that [/I]you romance-novel readers! :teehee: Its about having a good discussion about stuff I get really excited about OK NOT THAT EITHER :chair:

If my eyes didn’t hurt so flarking much I would keep playing on the computer, but instead I am going to go sit on my meditation mat and do an imitation of someone meditating on the greater oneness cloud9


:teehee: My hand usually hurts after being on the computer too long. Then I know it’s time to go knit. :lol:


Wow long time since I posted - since then made a trip to see my sister in Kennewick Washington - she and her DH’s 40th anniversary surprise party! :woohoo:
It was really good - and they were really surprised! Then a couple days of hanging out with all the family, who came from all over. :heart:

Now I am in Atlanta visiting my cousins and Monday is my long-awaited doctor appt with the fibro/fatigue clinic. Can’t wait! I’m looking forward to some really helpful new (to me) treatments.

I haven’t had much time for knitting in the past month or 2, but am now finishing the first cable sock. It looks great if I do say so :teehee:

The ever-present baby blanket grew several inches while I was in Washington sitting around jawing! I can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel. I don’t remember how to do the edges so that will be the next thing to figure out, once it grows a few more inches… Have to look at the pattern (where is that pattern :?? ) to see how long the thing is supposed to be…

Hope everybody is having a good, low-stress holiday - with the economic downscale, somehow I feel much freer not to go nuts buying “things” for people… everyone in the family has said they are NOT buying gifts… what a relief! Have not talked to my kids though!!! Not sure how that will go over!



Hi Everybody, long time no see! My laptop broke and I have only recently gotten my new one. I have been knitting though - finished the brainless scarf, and felted it, it looks pretty good :slight_smile:

Since I posted last, I have almost finished the baby blanket, all I have is the finishing around the outside. I started and finished a lace weight scarf of 70% kid mohair and 30%silk - I want to get someone to take a picture of me wearing it. Its so fluffy and soft! And I have started a new scarf of lace weight baby alpaca in an easy eyelet lace pattern. I also completed “1” of the cable socks mentioned above. I got to the very end before I remembered that I had not changed the needle size up from the size called for for the ribbing!
HA!:roflhard: So even though the length is adequate for my size 8 and a half feet, because its so narrow it really fits my daughter’s size 6s :teehee:

So no worries, I will knit the other one “wrong” too to match!!

But that is not my newest news! I am moving to Roswell, GA next month :woot:

My cousin lives there, my fibro doctor is there, and I have a wonderful roommate situation set up with a neat lady who has a little dog the same size as mine, in a nice town house 5 mins from my cousin’s.

The fibro treatment does not go on forever, it takes 9 mos to a year from date of starting (last month) so who knows where I will go after that. I am looking for jobs there and of course will have my private practice there as well - will have to jump through some hoops for that to get a business license etc…

I may not post that much for a few weeks while I get everything ready for the move. I have rented a storage unit for most of my stuff. I have 2 college kids set to move my stuff I’m not taking to storage, just have to rent a truck. Now I have to go through my stash and see what I will take for a year’s worth of knitting!! AND there is a gorgeous LYS very close to my new place. That is really nice, after living for years with no LYS!

Happy New Year!


Best of luck to you with your move! Crossed Fingers Thank goodness for internet or we’d lose our friends all the time! :teehee:


:muah:I have missed KH so much! and have missed KNITTING so much, I feel the need for a real knit-fest tonight.

Got here to Roswell (suburb of Atlanta) 9 days ago. I am now settled in with my new room mate, although I am realizing that I am really NOT room mate material :zombie:

I am beginning to look around for my own place…

I am having serious challenges with my laptop, which thinks it should not be used on one’s lap at all, and has the habit of randomly deleting a whole message I have typed, for no reason. Therefore I am going to post multiple short messages.


at the moment I am ensconced in the neighborhood Starbucks in a very comfy chair, drinking very good coffee, and I would be 100% happy if they would turn the flarking A/C off, since it is only 50* out there!!

There is a terrific yarn shop here - have not been in since I got here but did last time I was here. The owner or salesperson was snippy - I hope she was just having a bad day, because I would really like to hang out there more. Hoping in fact that they might have a knitting circle like I am used to in Flag.


can’t believe I still have that pic on here, it is 14 mos old and I have changed my hair color twice since then!:roflhard:
Let’s see if I can fix that now…


Glad you are getting all settled! :yay: I imagine a roommate can be difficult especially if the place is small.

Maybe the owner isn’t involved in a knit night anyway so it might be fine.


I hope your living situation works out better. And I’m looking forward to seeing your new photo!


Hi Sandy! :waving: and everybody :inlove:

Lots to say - found a darling little 1 bedroom apt on the top (3rd) floor of a big complex within 3 or 4 miles of my cousin’s house. that was yesterday…today got my “furniture” moved in ( a bed, a bookcase and a chest of drawers - the rest iis in AZ so haven’t figured out how to get it here quite yet!).

Am still at cousin’s tonight…a lot of “stuf” to move over there before its ready to live in. that’s tomorrow! Good thing I haven’t found a job yet LOL!

Actually I have a meeting with the clinical director of all the Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Centers in the country Thursday, and i am going to pitch my company as the answer to their needs for nutrition consults on the cutting edge of FM/CFS :woohoo:
This could be really great!

Now to truly important matters - have started a new pair of socks :blooby:not to matter that my last “pair” of socks is only “1” sock at present. I am moving, and i could not find that project in the midst of all the stuff, so I started a new pair and I am blissfully happy cloud9 It is a lovely nutmeg colored superwash by JAWOL (I always think of Sergeant Scmidt from “Hogan’s Heroes”) and I am making a plain old sock following the soothing directions of Silver.

Off to knit :teehee: