KFK is back from the dead


:waving: Glad to hear you are still with us Earthlings! :teehee:


Hi Everybody,

Hope all is well with everyone now that summer is over and fall is here. I guess technically its not til Sunday, eh? It is quite chilly here at night and in the AMs (its 46* right now) but almost 80* in the days…Except when it rains, which has been about half the time lately. Which is good, since we always need rain.

I got an e-mail from a friend in Mexico who lives in a very hot and dry area- he said it is raining almost every day, and that a river that has been dry for 17 years is flowing very full and fast! There is a dam up river which they never open, but they had to because it was overflowing… due to big storms up north.

I have not checked in lately with my friends’ blogs - I need to twiddle with my preferences or user settings or whatever because KH never lets me know when my friends are posting any more. So I have to do that to check and see how everyone is doing with the weather. Hope no one suffering from the hurricanes.

Project-wise I am back to working on baby Dustin’s blanket, with the goal of having it ready by Christmas. I can totally do that, its just a matter of being consistent. I can probably have it ready sooner, its a matter of whether I want to be working on other projects too during that time. I am finding the yarn to be a bit limp, and realizing that I prefer a yarn with more body even if it is not as “soft” :figureditout: This one (Berroco Comfort, 50% superfine nylon and 50% acrylic) is very soft, which is good for a toddler, but I’m afraid it will not stand up to the wear and tear, and its kind of annoyingly limp to work with, not to mention a tendency to split.

Have also started a brainless scarf for myself in LionBrand Landscapes, the one with gold, brown, and pastels… I like the yarn, I guess I’m attracted to that single ply thick stuff. Maybe not even plied at all, its like roving almost, but doesn’t tear or anything… What is funny is that I’m using my (now) favorite needles, the wooden KP options, and the colors in the needles are an almost exact match for the colors in the yarn! :mrgreen:

Have not begun the afghan for my new place, partly because I am not setting down roots here…I may be moving to a whole new place! With that teaser I will close for now…


Today I am going on an adventure - I have an appt in Sedona, which is an hour away from here, so am starting out this AM to go to Prescott first (almost 2 hrs away) to go on my twice yearly pilgrimage to Costco! HA! I buy cases of those Thermacare hot things you stick on yourself, you know? They really help with the fibromyalgia pain :wink: Saves a bunch to buy them at Costco, but there isn’t one here. I’m also gonna look for some new glasses frames there, they are so much more affordable…then I’ll get the Rx filled here with my favorite little local optometrist. He is so smart, too bad he doesn’t have the cutest frames.

Of course, the only LYS-es in the area are in Prescott too…:teehee:

NO I WILL NOT!!! I must have some self control!!!

I bought that stroage unit for my yarn (I know I haven’t put the pic up yet) and, guess what? It doesn’t hold “all” of it :eyes:

I guess that was obvious…


I hope your shopping trip was successful!


Thanks Sandy :slight_smile: I bought some “rimless” frames cheap - will take them to my eye Dr and see what he says. I kept the receipt in case its a no-go.

Tomorrow I am going to a wedding cloud9

They are such a sweet couple, in their early 30’s I think. The groom is a permaculture landscape architect, a real expert, and the bride is a therapist who works a lot with kids using art therapy.

Today i went to Qi Gong practice and stayed to watch and support the people who were “testing” - one in Qi Gong and the others in Kung Fu. It was a lot of fun, I have never stayed to watch others testing before. Lots of people and food, festive, you know? :blooby:


Looks like I may be getting hired to do per diem work at a rehab hosp in Prescott :happydance:

Its far but they DO have a LYS there :teehee:

I’m pleased b/c I need to update my clinical skills before I can start looking for a more permanent position, and this place seems really nice.

Have stalled out a bit on the baby blanket after making some good headway last week. Just have been busy with my computer, added the update for MS Office, and am trying to get some nutrition assessment software… lots of nuts and bolts of life. But I DID go to knitting group last week, instead of meditating :mrgreen: It was so fun to see a brand new person and an old friend, we were the only ones there! :oo: But it goes from 5:30 to 8 so maybe some had come and gone.

Have a great week my friends!


Congratulations! :cheering:


Hi Knitting friends :hug:

Long time no see, as usual lately it seems for me!

I’m SO excited :blooby: there is a job in philadelphia doing EXACTLY what I want to do… working with docs educating them about fibromyalgia diet and supplements! I don’t know what it pays, or if its full or part time, or even really if its in Philadelphia. I know the company is there… but maybe they would let me be based somewhere else. But I don’t mind Phialdelphia …

Anyway! I hope to talk with the person there on Thurs…they contacted me since they heard I was into fibro stuff.

The job in Prescott has not contacted me after the drug test
:whoosh:I’ve never had a drug test before… I hope I didn’t eat a poppy seed bagel or something within test time limits!
No, I think its really that they are not in a rush. And that job is just subbing for the fulltime RD who is hardly ever sick or on vacation…

BUT I do have a “real” interview Monday for a job I’d like - but not as much as the Philly job :woohoo:
Sheesh I haven’t even talked to them but I feel like doing just what the little blue guy above is doing.

Tonight my plan is to put DVDs of vintage TV shows on and work on the long-suffering baby blanket :teehee: if I can settle down!


Wow, that would be a big change for you! Good luck with whatever you choose!




Here is the update on the job scene: The “philly” job is really in Rockville MD - (only their warehouse is in Philly) and they are looking to hire early next year. I am still very hopeful about it, the phone conversationwent well with the person who will be hiring, and I made sure she knew I was willing to relocate.

I have an interview on Monday for a job locally - (I did not know about the Maryland job when I applied) and I have decided to tell her that if the other job comes through I will be taking it. This local job provides a lot of training, which costs them money, and I don’t want to take the training then leave them in the lurch. If they want to take me anyway then they are doing it knowing I could be leaving soon.

:stuck_out_tongue: That makes me feel better! I am concerned about money, and especially insurance when the divorce goes through, BUT I do realize that God is in charge and I need to have faith :heart:

I can get COBRA insurance but its flarking expensive, so I have an app for some interim insurance that only covers major medical and I am going to apply if the job on Monday does not materialize, or indeed if it does not have benefits (may be part time).


I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! Insurance is expensive no matter what, but Cobra is insane! My daughter had to wait a month or so before her insurance kicked in when she started, too.


Thanks, Jan! My interview has been moved up to 2:00 today :oo:
because the owner of the co, who is interviewing me, has to get back to Phoenix tomorrow. So it will be rather informal, at a coffee place that is one of our landmarks here.

I am stalled out again on the blanket. I ended up going up 2 sizes on the crochet hook to get the width to keep from “shrinking” as I progress- evidently my tension gets tighter as I get back into the swing of crochet. I think my tension was loose because I was trying to do it the “right way” (according to the woman in Phx who sold me the yarn) and I gave up and am just holding the yarn the way I do to knit.

Anyway, it does not inspire me…I am longing to start a pair of socks, but none of my (many) sock yarns inspire me either… I want to make some for DS, but all I have is boring man-yarn. I have some interesting woman-yarn… :think:

Have a great day everybody :wink:


Good luck with the interview. May be when you are over that the sock yarn may be more inspiring!


Good luck with the interview and the other job possibility. I hope that it all works out for you. Cobra is expensive but at least you would have insurance. We have none currently and I pray everyday for good health in our family.


I had to pay for Cobra once, and it was a SNAKE for sure! :shock:
I had just been laid off from a job, and I was pregnant, so there was no way around it. I [U]had[/U] to have insurance to help pay for the baby’s delivery. I wonder if the actual delivery would have cost less than the amount I paid for Cobra insurance? :think:


Yeah I know what you guys mean. Well, the interview went well, but she said they are looking to get people on board after first of year!
:zombie: I told her about the other job… She was really good about it and it sounds like I will probably get some work through her. Its actually a contract kind of thing (no benefits) - I wasn’t sure until I talked with her. So thats OK, and means no use waiting to see, I should get going on the insurance app for getting it on my own.

I decided not to do COBRA, since i really don’t get sick that often (knock wood) and it would be cheaper to do this major medical thing and set up a “HSA” (health savings acct). MamaPaulsel, you might look into that too…at least you can fund it with pre-tax income, and it has some good tax benefits.

Now I need to knit for my nerves - no income until possibly next year?? I am teaching a class at $50 per person coming up Thursday (for 4 wks) so hope that fills up, its a little grocery $!

Also need to start marketing myself to the docs in town for their pts. I’ve been lazy about that. Took a flyer for the class and left my business card with the chiropracter next door to the “Curves” where its being held.


A lot of drugstores and other places have clinics now where you can get immediate care for sore throats, etc.

Here’s a few… I think they might not have them in your area though.


I neatened my office/knitting room [I]finally [/I]and thought I would take a pic for you all, but batteries in camera are dead! :teehee:

DD #1 not doing well again, may be leaving to stay with her for a bit. This time I will drive to CA though so i will have a car while there.


I am finally inspired to do socks - I found a neat cable sock pattern

and I happen to have exactly the yarn called for (Brown sheep superwash) leftover from DD#1’s afghan. I think I have enough, will go see. However, I want to make them for DS, and the pattern says it will fit…but also says its a bit snug on men’s ankles. Pattern calls for casting on and doing the first 1.5" in rib [I]in a smaller size needle.
[/I]I’m thinking of using the same needle as I will for the rest of the sock, and that will help it not be so snug. What do you guys think?

I’m gonna post it to the help section too…

OK here are the pics of my “office” w Yarn storage :happydance: