KFK is back from the dead


Hello Knitters - don’t know if I have told you recently that I appreciate all of you! :hug:

Here is a pic of the baby socks. I used the class sock pattern from Charlene Schurch’s [I]Sensational Knitted Socks.[/I] It is amazing how different they look from the LionBrand pattern that uses a short tow heel. That heel difference makes a completely different look - these socks with their heel flap and turned heel look just like little boot socks! Baby go hiking!

Today has been a strange day. Have been all stuffed up with this cold or flu virus (if your bones ache does it make it the flu?) and dripping and sneezing as if I had an allergy thrown in. Poor me! :help:
Ha!! All day long I have had such technical difficulties though! Like maybe the cold is making me dumb :whoosh:

But got some headway made on the website, and the efforts to get accredited with the insurance companies to get reimbursed for nutrition consults. Most RDs here don’t take insurance, so if I get hooked up I will be at an advantage :wink:

I am in a real knitting mood, but aware that with my foggy head I’m not at my best to start something new. Frogged the narrow yak scarf in order to add it onto the ongoing wide yak scarf :frog:

See ya :waving:


Can you tell me where to find the “silver socks tutorial”?

Mary Pat


Hi Mary Pat,

I just always go to Google and type in Silver Sock Tutorial and it comes right up!

Have fun!


Here you go:


Gosh, again its been way too long since I posted. Seems like there is way too much going on. I am sitting here at my favorite used bookstore using their free wifi, and waiting for my friend from the Weds night knitting group who is coming to meet me :cheering:

I have not made it to knitting group because I have committed to co-lead the meditation group, which unfortunately meets at the same time:cry:

She is from Costa Rica, and Jim and I are going to go there for our 7th anniversary next month (The one DH calls the styrofoam anniversary :roflhard: ) so I asked her if she would tell us some stuff about her country. I am so psyched to go there, have never been. They say its like paradise.

So with Costa Rica in mind, and it finally having gotten “hot” here, I am sipping a pina paradise yogurt smoothee with pineapple and banana. I never do that. My diet has gone completely out the window about a week ago, and it seems I am competing with myself to see how much I can go overboard :gah:

Knitting-wise, or I should say crochet-wise, I have been working on a baby blanket in shell st for my niece’s grandbaby, the one that just had an operation for cleft palate. he is 1 yr old. The cousin of the babies who got the socks I made last month. Its about 1/4 done.

Well, I miss you gals and hope to be around more! :waving:


I like your socks a lot!


Styrofoam!!? :roflhard:




I started a long post…then lost it due to OE (operator error)… just to tell you all that the writing project is actually, truly and finally done… after the reviewers’ comments and revisions and adding stuff and more refs just because they were cool…

Anyway <whew!> now for more important stuff, like knitting!

I have destroyed my brain and am now able only to do the most basic stuff - anything with counting is out of the question! :zombie:
So I decided to do this basic drop st scarf out of this really nice little yarn I found at Michael’s. Its Paton’s [I]Grace [/I]100% cotton, a pretty colorway with pale oranges and taupe. Remember polished cotton fabric? That’s what this reminds me of, it has a nice sheen to it.

I’m going to take this to Costa Rica with me as my trip project. It will be cool in that hot and damp climate. Will send a pic along as it shapes up, before I leave if there’s enough time.


Tried to post in here the other day, but was having problems. :??

Costa Rica! How cool! My SIL went several years ago and loved it.


Hello dear fellow knitters. You thought I never came back from Costa Rica, right? Actually I did… but then everything in my life changed. My DH and I broke up (it was that styrofoam… no!) so now he is my soon to be DEH or EDH, depending on whether he acts like a dear or not, I suppose. So far so good.

I have a new e-mail address… a new physical address… but still here in Flagstaff. I love it so I really don’t see myself leaving.

My dog Holly is with me, and Jack the cat stayed with Jim. I just got my furniture moved in, and I have to go find myself a dining room table. I have all my knitting, including copious amounts of UFOs, however, you guessed it, I am yearning to start a new project - an afghan for my couch in the new place. That seems appropriate!

I’m renting a town house from a very nice landlady, it has a one car garage and a little bitty back yard for Holly. It even has a view of the peaks over my back fence! The fence blocks the view of the parking lot of the apartments behind the town house :roll:

Just got my wi-fi installed today so you may see me online more!

:hug: Laura


Hi Laura! :waving:

You’re going through lots of changes now! :zombie:

I hope you’re doing well in the midst of it all. I’m glad you still have your dog. :heart:


Oh no, I’m so sorry. You do sound upbeat though so I hope that you are doing well.

I think a new afghan sounds fabulous! :thumbsup:


Yep, I am upbeat. Thanks for your well wishes Sandy and Jan :heart:

I can’t figure out how to change my e-mail address on KH so I can tell when I have replies! :??


I replied in my thread. :wink:


The wind is howling out there tonight! Flagstaff in the summer gets monsoons… and today has been stormy looking almost all day, but only a few drops of rain. That wind is creepy though!:oo:


I love windy, thundery, stormy nights (or days), but then living here we rarely get them and when we do they are nothing like what most of the country experiences. I can understand it being spooky if you live alone and it’s completely dark out.


I love thunderstorms too! :heart:
I even have three “Thunder” and “Rain” CDs that I listen to, just for the sound of a storm.


Hi Everybody - no, contrary to appearances I have not dropped off the face of the earth :wink:

I miss my KH friends, and have been REALLY BUSY with MoveON.org working for Obama cloud9 and s l o w l y getting my boxes unpacked and getting settled.

I went to IKEA in Tempe (we don’t have one here) and got some furniture, amongst which is a cool storage chest w bins to hold…you guessed it…YARN! When that room (my “office”) is finished being organized I will post a picture.

Needless to say (HA - NEEDLE- less!) I have not been knitting :zombie:
I can’t even do plain garter st and follow the confernce calls etc… I have been doing non-stop -

Anway hope to be around more, but maybe not til after the election!


:teehee: I wondered where you were! Glad to hear you haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. :wink:

Looking forward to seeing the photo of the yarn room…or whatever it is. :lol: