KFK is back from the dead


Thanks, Jan. I was just going to post a pic in my blog–you saved me the trouble.:hug:


It’s really REALLY cool Ingrid! :heart:


I’ve been in knitting la-la land for the past few days, continuing in the mind-numbing yak yarn scarf for DH :sleepy:
I suppose I can’t complain about a boring project if I am not intellectually capable of working on an interesting one!

Anyway, I looked at Silver’s sock tutorial that uses short row heels, its the one sock on 2 circs. Apparently I was doing everything right on the toddler sock heel. Silver’s instructions say to pick up a st in the gap… I picked up several and it still looked bad… but I ripped it out and will try again using her directions. Maybe I left something out or something.

Have not looked at the Kung Fu scarf or patterns by yarn weight yet - truth to tell, have not had much time for knitting, or even thinking about knitting. So the fact that I am making progress on the scarf is pretty good!

We are having a lovely sunny day here, and no snow for 2 whole days! :teehee:


:happydance: I got the short rows right, and the sock is looking good! Was hoping to finish it tonight but my hands gave out. So hopefully will get a pic of a finished sock up soon.

Part of the problem before may have been the fact that the yarn Patons Decor splits… it is mostly acrylic. Really nice colorway and shine, just have to be careful… I am using these funky plastic DPNs because I could not find any bamboo DPNs in size 5 in Flag. So that contributes a bit to splitting.


Here is the sock - hope to cast on for the second at break today :mrgreen:


Nice work! :thumbsup:


Pretty sock!


Here is the pair, finished :mrgreen:

I WILL say, making small socks with big yarn and big needles is pretty quick gratification (if not instant) cloud9

Now I have to determine which of my niece’s grandchildren has the right size feet! :teehee:

wait, I’m having trouble uploading …




So pretty, Laura! Great job on them!


Nice! :thumbsup:


First, Sandy, is that your new hair? You look great!

I went to Curves today. I haven’t signed up yet, but I think I will. My sister in Washington state goes to curves and she really likes it.

I have gained back 15 of the 20# I lost last year! :gah:
I need to do something. I may be Kung Fu Knitter but I haven’t been doing Kung Fu, only Qi Gong. If I could do Kung Fu it would probably be plenty of exercise, but with the fibro I just felt too wussy to keep up with it. Curves is a lot easier, but I think I can build up so I can get stronger.

Started the pair of socks for the owner of the last pair’s baby brother. Not using short row heels this time though!


Yes it is! I am so happy with how it turned out. I just hope it lasts.

I’m sorry you’ve gained some weight back.
That is SO frustrating. :pout:

But, it’s cool that you haven’t given up…You GO girl! :thumbsup:


It IS frustrating but its my own damn fault. I think my body is doing great not to have gained even MORE weight with the crapola I’ve been eating! :zombie: I just got tired of eating the way I need to eat to be at a healthy weight. I felt like a poor thing because with the fibro there is a list as long as my arm of healthy foods I can’t eat, because they make my symptoms worse. So of course I indulged in legal (but fattening) foods…

However! I am off the pity pot and feeling hopeful about the new exercise plan. I dropped a handout with the info on Curves machines off at my wonderful doctor’s (really he is a nurse practitioner, but he’s a better doctor than anybody I’ve ever had!) and asked him to call me about it, and tonight I had a call from him saying that Curves is the best thing for the fibro. He said he was familiar with it because he had gone there personally to investigate so he could give an accurate opinion to his patients. I thought that was pretty neat.

So I will probably go tomorrow and sign up! :cheering:


I checked out Curves, but couldn’t afford it. It does look really neat though!


Your nurse practitioner sounds like he will make a wonderful doctor one day! :thumbsup:


Here it is only $32/mo, no fee to sign up this month if you donate a bag of nonperishable groceries for the local food bank.

I worked out there today and I can really feel it in my tummy muscles!

He’s never going to be an MD, he’s at least as old as I am… and he’s not in it for the money. Another reason I like him!


Good grief, I can’t believe its been 3 wks since my last post! But,…
[I]drumroll please…

[/I]I finished the writing project! :woohoo:

This has been going on [I]way [/I]too long. Now I have the draft finished, I have sent it to 2 colleagues to review, then I will send to the publisher who will have it peer-reviewed [I]cringe …[/I]by 3 others. It’s never easy on the ego to have people critique something you’ve poured your heart and soul into! I’m just telling myself 1) they will make it better and 2) anything they don’t like I can put into something on my website or in a workshop.

SO I had promised myself I would get to put all my yarn into Ravelry spreadsheets when finished… however, now I am behind in my schoolwork and I have a project due next Tuesday, a week from today. It’s not a big one, but I’m leaving Thursday to go visit my daughter in Southern California, and I won’t get back till Monday night! So that means I have to get with the program :mrgreen:.

I have been knitting and I’m almost finished with the second pair of baby socks. They’re like little boot socks! Probably will come to his knees :teehee: Have not caught up with other people’s blogs, so I’m missing all the cute little Easter things people have probably been knitting! :blooby: Hope everyone had a great Easter - or whatever happy springtime holiday you celebrate! It is Persian New year you know! :happydance:



Congratulations! :cheering:
And Happy Persian New Year! :teehee:


Thanks Sandy! We had a real fun time. And, I am almost finished on the second baby sock. I will post a pic when done.

Also, bought yarn in Phoenix for a baby afghan, and sat there and got instruction on how to crochet it! That was the best part! I will post a pic of that too.

For now I gotta scramble, I have to get the tax stuff together since we are meeting with the accountant tomorrow! :zombie: