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:teehee: Those have been there for months, but they do change based on the number of posts you have.


HA just shows how observant I am!

Today I have been dreaming all day of starting something from the natural cream-colored alpaca I ordered online from this South American co-op. I got it about a year and a half ago, with some idea of making an afghan out of it. When it came it was very light-weight worsted (I would almost say sport weight, but it was called worsted) and absolutely gorgeous for a sweater - or two, since I bought so much of it. It is not like the alpaca I’m used to that is more commercial - it is not as springy and fluffy, but more dense and rich. I kntted some swatches at the time, both held singly and doubly, and both were great in pattern stitches. Lovely in seed st.

I can even imagine socks… I can see myself in a completely cream colored ensemble, sweater, socks, hat and gloves! :blooby:

Oh well I’d probably get tired of cream by then! I have a Russian friend whose mother made her a sweater with matching gloves and hat cloud9

OH, btw, we have 6 more inches of snow since last night :oo:


Mmmmmm cream alpaca. With all the beautiful colors out there, I still love a good cream.cloud9


Here are the Little Shell Socks finished finally :mrgreen:


Here are the Little Shell Socks finally! First time I’ve ever got the stripes lined up!


I LOVE it when the stripes match! :cheering:
Good job!


Yesterday did swatches to determine the right needle size for the new sweater I want to make - from the aforementioned cream colored alpaca. Its a cute pullover in basket-weave pattern from July '06 Creative Knitting. The yarn is a 3 light weight worsted (not sport as I thought above) but I had kind of a hard time finding a pattern I liked using that weight. This one is exactly what I was looking for. Basic easy shape with drop shoulders, and the interest comes from the basket-weave st pattern. This yarn looks particularly nice in some kind of st pattern so I think it will be good. I’m surprised it is listed as intermediate but maybe its tricky to remember when to change baskets, so to speak.

Anyway may cast on tonight, or may wait til tomorrow. I found I had missed some of the reading I was supposed to do for Tuesday’s presentation, so may do that instead.


Someone needs to come up with a pattern site based on yarn sizes. It would be as popular as ravelry! Maybe. :wink:

I have a question unrelated to knitting and you are the only nutritionist I know of and I didn’t want to trust the internet because I don’t know of reliable sites for this type of thing.

My DD1 read somewhere that protein powder breaks down when you’re cooking so it’s rendered less effective and we were wondering about this. Is this true? I’ve seen recipes where protein powder was added in things other than smoothies. Does it make a difference if it’s whey or soy protein? We both use soy.


I’ve found a few sites with patterns sorted by yarn weight.



(scroll down on that page to see more yarn weight options)


Well, whatdoyaknow! Very cool, thanks!

:balloons: [SIZE=3][COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]Happy[/COLOR] [COLOR=Magenta]Birthday,[/COLOR] [COLOR=DarkOrange]Laura![/COLOR][/SIZE] :present:


Happy Birthday! :slight_smile:


Thanks Sandy for the B-day wish :inlove:

Jan I have never heard of protein powder breaking down in cooking. All proteins are denatured in cooking but that doesn’t mean we can’t use them. On the other hand, I am not a big fan of soy protein powder, since soy has been found to be an endocrine disrupter. I don’t know why this is not commonly known, I guess the soy lobby is pretty powerful.

Today rather than casting on for the sweater I got a bee in my bonnet to make the Lionbrand baby socks, so I went out and tried to find some washable worsted. The wool-ease at both Michaels and Joanns was only in boring colors so I got some Paton’s Decor in the yummiest self-striping colorways - one called First Spring Varg (varg? must be variegated) and one called Sand and Sea. So have been doing that all day. Got tangled up with the short row heel directions and only just now sorted that out (9:00 PM!). :figureditout:

The baby socks are for my niece’s grandbaby (yikes! but she is only 3 yrs younger than me) who is going into the hospital for surgery on his cleft palate. I would like to do a blanket for him but figured I should do something I have a hope of finishing in good time :eyes:

I could not find any co-ordinating colors so am just doing them all in the same yarn. The pattern calls for contrasting cuffs, heel and toe. That would be really cute.


Thanks for the info, Laura. Do you recommend another protein powder for smoothies or to add to oatbran then instead? I only use about 2 tablespoons a day so I’m certainly not overusing it anyway. Just curious.

I can’t wait to see the socks! They sound adorable!

I said Happy Birthday too…just didn’t want you to think I forgot! :):yay:


Hi Hsiaokuo! :waving:


Thanks, Jan!
As for the protein, You could use whey or rice protein if you like. If you’re doing it for texture the oat bran might work, but of course does not add protein.

Sat up last night til I got the heel done, and it has holes on the sides :wall: Seems I recall that happening the other time I used the short row method. I remember seeing somewhere how to do a short row heel with no holes. Do you guys remember where?

Anyway I can take a st or 2 inside and tighten that up, I don’t think I will have to frog it. I was careful to knit really tightly at the corner areas once the SWs were done - I wonder if I should have knit very tightly when wrapping them. Seems that wrapping them gives them a little shank that creates the holes. :??

I flattened my glasses day before yesterday :zombie: So went to get them fixed yesterday… They will have to get new side pieces put on, if they can find ones that will sort of match. I got the frames at Costco in Tucson last summer - no Costcos here in in Flag. This may be a good excuse to get new frames :teehee: Although its pricey to get new lenses since they are progressives. I think I’ve used my vision insurance up for this period.

Couple days ago when I was doing swatches for the sweater I also cast on for a scarf for DH. I made one a few months ago that started out for him, but the ribs drew it up so it was too narrow to be manly :teehee: So I cast on twice as many sts and used a different rib, 3+5. I don’t know if its the yak yarn that makes it draw up so much, it ends being half as wide as when cast on! Anyway that’s good b/c it makes it extra thick and cozy. Trying to finish it before winter goes away :wink: Today is gloomy out but expected to be in the 50’s, so more snow will melt.

Both my DDs are in the break up phase with their BFs! I’m sending all 4 my :heart: for their highest good, I think they are probably right that its time to move on. Very painful though.

Gotta get my act together and finish the prep for presentation tonight! :waving:


Thanks Sandy for the yarn weight related sites! Will have to check them out.

And :waving: Rosalie! My very favorite wonderful ballet teacher was called Rosalie :heart:


I have found a few sites with help for preventing holes in short row heels… will check those out and report back!




Funny things happening with our blogsite - I got a notification of a new reply to Ingrid’s not off about a neat thing, a kid giving his KF master a hand knitted kung fu scarf :slight_smile: But when I went there i could not find the post. So Ingrid if you read this, I’d love to know about the pattern!


Are you on Ravelry? She has in her projects there.

I did an advanced search and found it here on KH.