KFK is back from the dead


Love the photos! :cheering:

I’m wondering though…what is the meaning of the finger symbol the two men are making? I hope it’s a good thing. :teehee:


They are using hand mudras that are a language in themselves. The right hand raised means no fear and the left hand out is giving (like a blessing for abundance for the observer).



They seem like very happy people. :slight_smile:


DH got his pic with the Saddhus the day I was barfing my guts out :zombie: so I did not see or talk with them. As I understand it, they are Hindu holy men, sort of drop-outs in a sanctioned way. Not like the Hindu priests who are quite dapper usually. The priests are from a special caste and take their duties quite seriously. The Saddhus on the other hand like to hang around and grow their hair and are rumored to smoke a lot of dope! They like to get pics with foreigners for a donation :mrgreen: No harm in them as far as I can see. In a country with that many people and not that much work, there needs to be a way to opt out of the system without being an outcast. We could use something like that here! Of course as a foreigner I really don’t know what the other Indians think of saddhus. But somehow it seems a lot more respectable than being a bum.


Here is equal time for clean-cut young men. They are Hindu priests performing the [I]ganga aarti [/I]which is a nightly fire ritual on the Ganges river. Very beautiful.


Wow…that is awesome!

You were sick? Food poisoning?


Probably some kind of food-borne illness, who knows. It was the very last night we were in Nepal, so I lasted the whole trip til then w/ getting sick, except for a small cold. Its easy to get sick while traveling, isn’t it?


Yeah. I think it’s partly because we are so busy and don’t want to miss anything so we don’t take care the way we should. Then there is the strange foods in a foreign country, too. I haven’t been to any place like that, but I can imagine. :teehee:


I started putting some things on Ravelry. I can’t remember what I heard about the spread sheet program… I’m wondering if by adding my yarns in under yarn it will all be put on a spread sheet? I will get around to asking… Now kinda tired. We have had lovely snow all day. The high school is having a snow day tomorrow… I have an appt at the univ to learn to use Refworks in the afternoon so I’d just as soon it not close - it won’t, it never does, much to DH’s disgust (he works there)!

I played with making Indian food today, with pretty good success if I do say so. I followed a recipe and put in half the amount of spicy stuff… DH said it was still too hot! I liked it though. We are having a party on Friday to show some of our trip pics to our friends. So I want to make some Indian food to go with!


After you enter all your yarns, you can see a list view of your yarns, or you can download an Excel spreadsheet!



I finished the shell pattern part of the sock last night, and have just the foot to go. I have been such a good girl working on my writing project today, I deserve to sit and finish that sock now, don’t i? :happydance:

It snowed 6 inches on our driveway AFTER the second time we shoveled yesterday! :zombie: So DH and I went out and shoveled again…I think no more snow is expected for now.:eyes:


I feel sorry for those of you that have to shovel snow. That’s a lot of work.

Here in the south, the closest I’ve gotten to that has been breaking apart ice on the driveway. (We don’t get it that often, but when it comes, it’s BAD!)


The closest we come is having to scrape the ice off the windshield a few times a year. :teehee:


I decided today that when my writing project is finished (target date mid March) I will reward myself with putting all my yarn into Ravelry :yay:

Today I took up my DSD Kathy’s pants that she is wearing to our Indian Party tomorrow night. We brought back a punjabi outfit for each DSD, and Kathy is just shy of 5’ so the pants are too long. This would not be a problem except 1) the pants have a fancy hem where the leg is split and there is an underlying piece to make it look like there are 2 layers all the way up and 2) there is a border print to the fabric, with little embroidered flowers that would be a shame to cut off. So I went to the top of the thigh and took a fold there…it won’t show because the punjabi top is long. It is real cute on her, so I hope this works. I’m waiting on the second leg til she gets off from school and can try it on.

There are plenty of short women in India, so it shouldn’t have been too hard…however, most people there just pick out the material and have them made up. Some people in our group actually did that for folks that were back home - I thought that was unrealistic, how can you fit something to measurements if you don’t have exact measurements? I got 3 punjabi outfits made up for me though. They are great. Very comfy and exotic looking. I have a pic with me dancing in one, not sure if that will really show what it looks like! They are worn with a matching shawl - very feminine. Anyway we bought the DSDs’ ones ready made because at least we could hold them up and imagine. The ready made ones came long…

Getting my sewing machine out makes me feel like actually [I]sewing…[/I] what a concept! Have not done that in YEARS! Maybe when the writing project is done I will reward myself with that too…:oo:


I think DH is pretty cute in the pic too :inlove:


Great photo! Thanks for sharing.


That’s a great picture! Sounds like a good way to alter the pants!


The party was fun :blooby:

DH’s outfit worked out fine, she was tickled to dress up. I intended to take her picture but got too caught up in the party. All the ladies who wanted to, got to put a Bindi on their foreheads for decoration :star:


Got to work on the sock a lot this weekend. I’m itching to start an easy sweater. The vest is too hard for me right now. This week is pretty busy since I have a presentation next week and have a lot of reading to do. I heard of someone who can read and knit, but I can’t imagine it!

I was hoping that I could finish the sock by Monday. Oh well!


:teehee: Just noticed someone put turning of the heel by my name :slight_smile:

Well, that heel is turned, and I have just a couple inches to go… maybe will take a little break and work on it :mrgreen:

I have been working all day on the fibromyalgia CEU… I’ve got a nice heating pad on my poor fibromyalgic back that is keeping me comfy :wink:
every few hours I got up and danced around like a lunatic just to get the kinks out :woot:I have some gorgeous Chinese music that inspires me! Our house is full of full-length windows so my neighbors may think I’m nuts…

Am learning Refworks which is a program the univ library has that helps you manage references. Also trying to use the voice recognition software Dragon Naturally speaking but having some issues…I really need a class or something to make full use of it. Supposedly there is a problem in Windows that interferes with it… hoping to get DH to look at it tonight to see if he can disable that part of windows.

Tonight is my usual knitting group night, but for the last couple months I have only gotten to stay a few mins with them. We started a new meditation group in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh on campus, and the time conflicts :frowning: It is the best night for most people though so I’m not complaining, but I miss my knitting buddies! We have had good attendance with quite a few newbies so that makes me really happy :blooby: