Jodstr2's blahg


thanks Jan :heart:. yes, they’re easy and fast:


Thanks! Would a worsted weight yarn make them too large? I am making a couple Heartbreakingly Cute One Piece Baby Kimonos from Caron Simply Soft and I wonder if it’s possible to use the same yarn… :think:


:think: hmm. you might be able to use worsted if you check your gauge with worsted then adjust according to the stitches per inch in the pattern.


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That [I]is[/I] gorgeous! I wonder if it’s superwash. It doesn’t actually say, just says to be careful washing.


good point, Jan.

I also wonder if it’s scratchy and contains tons of plant matter like most Noro. :??


I hope all of you and yours are having a nice holiday season.

the STR Ravens arrived at Purlescence last week. I might go have a looksee today. I can’t afford to buy any… argh. maybejustonehank… they are so dark, and so pretty…

we go to my GFIL’s from Mon-Wed. driving. long windy road.

Hedera is hibernating, got another VBB going, a Monkey moving slow, and the Alison’s is going super slow. I really should finish the Alison’s soon, so I have a scarf to wear now.


happy new year to all of you and your loved ones.

I’m spending the last 4 days of my holiday break trying to just be mellow and make good use of staying home. I’m knitting, eating, watching tv, sleeping… all the things I wish I could do when I’m sitting at my desk at work pulling my hair out.

my GFIL’s wife wants socks (specifically Monkeys), so I’ll make my way to Purlescence today for yarn for those.


:waving: hi everybody.

startitis hit me big time earlier this month and I had the Alison’s, the vbb for Jenn, Hedera, Monkey for Viv, Monkey for me, and Jaywalker OTN. but I finally faced reality and quit denying that Hedera has been hibernating and that Jaywalker was not going to fit over my heel. I finished Viv’s Monkey and frogged Jaywalker. I lovingly put Hedera in a cozy hibernating spot. now I’m working on my violet Monkey, and will finish Alison’s then the vbb for Jenn. must. not. start. any. more. socks. until. I. finish. those. two. things.


:doh: sheesh, the reason I was gonna post in the first place, I forgot to write… rmturtle gave me a skein of Kureyon Sock and it’s GAWGEOUS!!! :heart: I haven’t knitted with it yet so I can’t tell how it feels but it LOOKS like it’s not splitty or prone to breakage :fingerscrossed:


I’ve seen the colors online and it is beautiful! Is it washable?


I’m at work so I can’t see the label, but I think it says hand wash in cold water.


I think I’ll stick to washable socks. :teehee:




I’mna treat them like my others that are 100% natural… wash in regular laundry load with cold water then air dry. :fingerscrossed:


2 skeins of Kureyon per bag.


Stitches West was awesome. we went on Friday. I was pretty good in terms of money spent, because I didn’t have much to spend (that made it easy). I got 1 skein of STR LW from Blue Moon in Watermelon Tourmaline, 1 skein of Kureyon Sock from The Yarn Place in 040, 1 skein of Trekking XXL from VIllage Spinning & Weaving in 108, 3 skeins of KPPPM from Foxyknits in 615, and Ravelry t shirt.


Sounds like a nice haul! :thumbsup:


thanks Jan :hug:! I finally took pics.