Jodstr2's blahg

hi khers, I hope you’re all having a good weekend. :hug::heart:

I’m adding stash to my ravelry right now. this is time consuming, but kinda relaxing at the same time. thankfully my stash isn’t that huge - which is a funny thing to be happy about, but I’d feel pretty discouraged if I knew I had 100+ things to catalog (some of you on here have that - props to you!!! :cheering: :heart:!) 15 down, maybe 10 more to go.

Hey Jodi, added you to my friends! :hug:

I haven’t added all my stash, but for the most part it’s just random balls of this and that that I can’t add anyway. I added the good stuff though. :wink:

thanks Jan! I just added you as well! :heart:

Kitty is so CUTE! :inlove:

thanks Lisa! :heart:

Kitty looks so surprised!!! Cheddar has a little poop spot on his nose like that too; my MIL is always telling me to wipe the booger off his face… I’m like Barb, it’s CONNECTED! :roll: She doesn’t get it.

I’m still waiting for my ravelry invite… you’d think I’d take this time to make alist of my stash so when i DO get it I can enter everything in lickety-split. But nooo… it seems so daunting!
Jod you wanna come do mine when you’re done :smiley:

:roflhard: poop spot :roflhard: !
she’s a bit of a Kitler (click here), according to my coworkers. :slight_smile:
once I started organizing my stash, it seemed so much less intimidating. yoooooou can dooooo eeeeeet!!! :cheering:

this was last Monday. I finally got her to sit still for a pic!

Awwwwww! She’s a cutie! :inlove:

:heart: thanks Jan! she’s not so cute at 0130 when she’s trying to jump on my head tho… :roflhard:

Ooo she’s got the nose spot too!!! All kitties should have that :slight_smile:

:roflhard: she comes running when I yell, “Poopspot!!!”

I finished some Saartjes:

:inlove::inlove: So cute!!

OMG! Those are soooo cute!!

:hug: thanks ladies! :heart:
I’m making little girlie ones now - red, purple, orchid, multi pastel. I just bought more buttons this morning. the no1 1 month old baby boy should be getting the ones pictured above either today or Monday in the mail. I hope they fit - if he has big feet like his daddy, they won’t. :roflhard:

life is getting in the way of my knitting. I finally finished Jen’s and CV’s socks, but am plodding slowly along on the Alison’s. I think I’ll work on the 2nd pair of Saartjes for Sophie this evneing. I just decided I’m not cooking dinner this evening. we’re getting Jack-In-The-Box instead. I’m sure the kid won’t mind :wink: .

I started Hedera on Tuesday, I think. I like these. I said I’d NEVER EVER knit lace socks but here I am, and these are cool!

I hope everyone’s Halloween was fun, and safe.
we had quite the earth-shakingness on Tuesday (5.6, maybe 15 miles? from my house? only about 5 miles deep I think, it seemed to last FOREVER, and I tell you, I’ve been in quite a few earthquakes while growing up in Hawaii but this one scared the living crap outta me… felt pretty strong - and the worst part is it seemed to lasted for-e-ver!

today I knitted for about 2 hours at Purlescence. wow, that was soooo cool! :heart: no kitties to shoo away, no niggling nagging chores to distract me, fun company, wonderful atmosphere, fun conversation! :cool: :heart: I need to do that more often. :slight_smile:

I’m still slogging along on the Alison’s.

a couple more finished Saartjes (both pairs for Sophie, who will be born in early December), and the start of Hedera:

Those booties!!:inlove: Are they easy?