Jodstr2's blahg

2 of my WIPs

Oh my…that yarn is gorgeous and those socks are even gorgeouser! :yay:

thank you Jan :heart: . I’m having fun with the Pomatomus - even tho it’s going slow. I’m a slow knitter but omg these are REALLY slow.

:drool:OMG those socks! That yarn!!!

thank you Carol :heart: . I finished those Monkeys, but am still working on that Pomatomus, a Jaywalker for my mom, and another Monkey.

:waving: hi khers! :heart: :hug: long time no visit. I hope all is well with all of you. I’m being a total knitting ADHDer and have 4? 5? WIPs. I’m still plodding along, married, same house, kinda sorta dieting but not really, working at the same place but now in a technical job instead of secretarial, no kids and still undecided, and just welcomed the addition of granddaughter born to my 18 yr old stepson and his gf in SoCal.

Well hello stranger! Nice to hear from you again!

Don’t worry about that many projects OTN…I’ve got at least that many. :lol: Congrats on the granddaughter!

thanks Jan! hopefully we’ll see them soon. we’re trying to get them up here Labor Day weekend.