Jodstr2's blahg

here’s me. nothing exciting. pls keep in mind none of these things are supposed to make me special. I have to really scrape to think of 100 things. thank you. :oops:

  1. I started knitting in mid-Dec 2004 after hanging out for a yr with the knitting group at work and buying 2 scarves for charity
  2. 2 of my coworkers were VERY instrumental in helping me learn to knit
  3. I didn’t think I could knit since I have sweaty hands
  4. thankfully it really hasn’t been a problem
  5. I got married on Nov 9, 2002
  6. my husband is someone I’ve known since we were 12, we’re classmates who reconnected 9 yrs after graduation
  7. I have an 11 yr old full time stepson
  8. I’m a full-time go-fetch-girl at a defense contractor
  9. I’ve been employed there for 5 yrs
  10. I only figured out how to purl in April or so, I was SEVERELY purlically-challenged
  11. I’m currently on a yarn fast
  12. 6 WIPs right now, and I’m not letting myself buy yarn 'til the fall due to finances
  13. my other interest is my car - a VW Golf R32
  14. my husband is a longtime car enthusiast as well, specifically VW and Audi and BMW
  15. he owns a performance and modification shop for euro cars
  16. we’re 34
  17. we haven’t decided if we’re going to have another child yet
  18. my best knitting buddy is a childhood friend who happens to live only 2 hours away
  19. we grew up over 2000 miles from here
  20. I have no real desire to visit my hometown, even tho my parents and Nana still live there
  21. I moved away from there 16 yrs ago and have visited 6 times
  22. I see my family a couple times a year, they come here to visit me or I meet them at a relative’s house not far from here
  23. I’m too short and too wide for my liking right now
  24. we seem to be the only people we know who don’t own our own dwelling
  25. I spend most of my computer time in knitting forums and car forums
  26. I’m Japanese (mom), Chinese, Portuguese, Korean (dad)
  27. I have one sibling, an older brother
  28. neither of us have children
  29. I have a 4 yr old kitty named Enza, who’s a black/grey tabby striped cutie who loves human attention
  30. we have a ‘spare kitty’ living in our back yard, and after 4 months or so, the 2 cats have learned to peacefully coexist through the screen door
  31. I have an A.A. in Materials Management
  32. I haven’t decided if and when I’m going to attempt a bachelor’s degree in business admin
  33. I get to wear jeans and sneakers to work every day and love it
  34. my favorite foods are Thai, Korean, and Italian
  35. I’m an okay cook, wish I had more time and money to perfect that
  36. I’m a carb addict, (edit: this is a huge reason for #45)
  37. I’m one of 7 grandchildren on dad’s side and 4 on mom’s
  38. I only keep in touch with 1 of my cousins (mom’s brother’s oldest child, who’s 27)
  39. I can play piano, violin, viola, flute, xylophone, marimba, bass drum, assorted other percussion instruments
  40. my dad was a music teacher (B.F.A. in Music, minor in education)
  41. my mom was a teacher too (mostly elementary school remedial reading)
  42. thankfully they were not at all demanding when it came to my grades, what mattered the most was that I tried hard
  43. my current knitting subaddiction is felted bags
  44. I spend as much on knitting-related books as I do on yarn
  45. I gained 50 pounds in 5 years
  46. my 1st VW was a '92 Corrado SLC
  47. my 2nd was an '03 GTi 1.8T
  48. I had to relearn stickshift at age 29 to buy the Corrado
  49. I have no plans to go back to an automatic tranny, my health and physical ability be willing
  50. damn it’s hard to think of 100 things
  51. my stepson came to live with us 4 yrs ago and it has been the hardest learning experience of all of our lives
  52. he’s taught me a lot about love and patience
  53. stepparenting really sucks sometimes
  54. but he’s a good kid and at times he really does try hard
  55. I made ONLY scarves until my mom bought me a Knifty Knitter
  56. since then I’ve made a matching hat for every scarf I make
  57. I love my 3 LYSs, but wish 2 of them were a bit closer
  58. I’ve discovered that people in knitting forums are MUUUUUUCH nicer and more helpful :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: than car forum people
  59. I have a really nice boss who is wonderfully understanding about family obligations and balancing full time work with those obligations
  60. my immediate (closest to me in cubicle farm) coworkers are my closest family
  61. I love having a sub-10 minute commute
  62. my husband and kid sleep in on weekends
  63. for some frustrating unknown reason I lack the ability to sleep in
  64. but I love my weekend afternoon naps :heart:
  65. wish we had a/c in this house
  66. I swear too much
  67. my 2 fave online blogs are Purls Beyond Price and Carrieoke
  68. I can’t drive in pretty shoes
  69. heck, I can’t wear pretty shoes, period
  70. I live in running shoes, All-Stars, Vans and Simple sneakers
  71. and relaxed fit jeans or capris
  72. the last 2 CDs I bought were Richard Cheese (Aperitif For Destruction) and Me First and the Gimme Gimmes (Ruin Johnny’s Bar Mitzvah)
  73. now I’m REALLY scraping for stuff to write
  74. I exchange email with my parents about once a week
  75. with my brother - once a month
  76. I talk with my parents on the phone about twice a month
  77. I guess we could all talk more often
  78. since going on Prilosec and modifying my diet a month ago (due to severe acid issues) I’ve lost 3 pounds
  79. I should use my inability-to-sleep-in as a reason to hit the treadmill
  80. we might get another kitty this fall
  81. knitting replaced my reading and book buying addiction, somewhat (see #44)
  82. I love the weather here except for the few 80+ degree days we get every year
  83. I used to love to draw, paint, make wreaths, do scratchboard, and string beads
  84. I lost interest in that stuff over 10 yrs ago - no time, no money, a bit of depression
  85. my hair has not been its natural color in over 13 yrs
  86. I have 5 earring holes in my right earlobe and 3 in my left
  87. I have one tattoo, which is on my right shoulder
  88. no other piercings or tats
  89. I love love love silver jewelry
  90. but I love love love my white gold/diamond wedding set even more
  91. I have trouble keeping my nails healthy
  92. I wish we had a dishwasher
  93. I’m growing my hair out again after chopping it to ear/chin length 2 yrs ago
  94. I’m getting impatient with this in-between hair stage
  95. I’m hungry and am ready to make breakfast just for me, as the guys are still sleeping and it’s already 1020
  96. my best knitting buddy introd me to this site :heart: :slight_smile:
  97. I get to see her next weekend :heart: :slight_smile:
  98. I love my every other Fridays off
  99. my goal is to knit for all of our Christmas list and be done by Halloween
  100. I’m not doing a good job of working on that

scarf and hat

another scarf


one felted bag


love your bags!!! how much yarn did that take? I have I think 4 balls of Noro…but not quite sure what I want to make with it. Thinking Booga type bag, but I want something bigger than what that is “I think”…lol…

thanks Heather! :heart::smiley:

the pattern is the Vintage Bubble Bag in the book Pursenalities
the purplish one took juuuust about 2 skeins of Kureyon (used ALMOST the whole 2nd skein) and 1 whole hank of Cascade 220.
for size comparison with a Booga (which I have no idea the approx size of) it (after felting) measures about 10"x10" finished, w/ straps about 5" folded (from the top bag edge to the top of the “U” shape made by folded strap).

the raccoon one I made slightly longer - I don’t have the finished bag since I sent it to Mom, but I think after felting it’s about 14" tall x 12" wide, and the straps are about 10" folded. that one took slightly more than 2 skeins of Kureyon and likewise, slightly more than 1 hank of 220.

OOOh! I love the softwist scarf! Which pattern is that? Great job.

And you don’t have to say anything earthshattering in your 100 things, just being you is all the special you need! (I haven’t seen South Park in awhile, but suddenly I’m reminded of the school counselor character…I wonder why…)

thanks Sara! :heart: :smiley:
no pattern - the Softwist scarf is just garter/drop stitch. I wanted to do something that would show the Charm.

The yarn you chose for your projects are just beautiful. Welcome to the Forum!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Hi Jod!!! :waving: Welcome to blogville!

I LOVE the Richard Cheese album! :roflhard: I bought it for my brother last year for his b-day.

RACCOON IN A BLENDER??? I dont know whether to :rofling: or :crying:

ALL of those things make you special, Jodi… :thumbsup:

thanks Suzie and Kelly! :heart::smiley:

I apologize. the ‘raccoon in a blender’ is a joke :oops:. raccoons are cute, always wished I could have one as a pet :crying:. my coworker says I need to name every finished piece, and he came up with the name. I think it’s hilarious, but I understand that others may not like it. :slight_smile:

Hi Jodi!

I LOVE :inlove: all of your stuff! Really, I can’t choose what I like best, those scarves are all fabulous, your gift-recievers are lucky folks!! The bags are great too!

That’s so cool that you can play all those instruments. I don’t have the love/patience to learn an instrument; but I like to sing. I’m always impressed with people who can play instruments.

Nice getting to know you!

thanks amy! :heart::smiley:

I wish I still had access to all those instruments. I’m probably pretty rusty on all of them.


last night, after drooling over the pic for months, I decided to practice making the Chevron Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts.
I used size 10 Daisys since my practice ball is Red Heart worsted and the other color I used is black Simply Soft. I thought it would be too difficult - I think I did alright. can’t wait to get me some KPPPM!
(pls excuse the cat hair)

a hat I finished on Saturday

Wow, you’ve made such beautiful things! And your kitty looks just like my Franz. :inlove:

Welcome Jodi-All of your projects are beautiful…your kitty is beautiful too!! I bought the book Pursenalities but haven’t started a project yet. Did you find the Vintage Bubble Bag to be an easy pattern to follow?