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Hi my name is Jan and I started knitting last November and am enjoying it and have gone from simple knits to aran. Am now knitting an Aran shaw collar cardigan Which I hope turns out alright found it difficult to pick up correct stitches for border but eventually got there. Love this site and all the questions and replies.


Welcome to Knitting Help! Are you having a problem with a pattern?

Welcome to knitting Jan. Glad you’re enjoying this great hobby and, by the sound of it, making excellent progress!

I applaud your adventurous spirit. You are progressing much faster than I did when I first learned.

I did have a problem reading knitting chart but a helpful member put that right

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Thanks yes really enjoying it

Thanks for boosting my confidence. I have almost finished knitting a fair Isle hat on round needles both firsts for me - certainly keeping me occupied in these strange times.

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Hello everyone! I’m new to knitting and new to forums and how they work, so please forgive me if I get anything wrong! I have been knitting one week lol. YouTube has been helpful but I need a little extra help from time to time, and this looked like a nice place :slight_smile: