Best Starter Pattern for New Knitter

What is the best pattern to start with if you are a complete newbie to knitting?

Hey again, @zoey141! I wish someone had caught me ten years ago when I was 9 and learning to knit, and told me you could make more than a square! A great option is a ribbed knit two, purl two hat. It is mindless once you get the hang of it and great practice for the two main stitches in knitting. Another great and highly rewarding project is a simple garter stitch (knit stitch) shawl. You learn how to do a kfb increase, but it is mostly just regular knitting. I’ll try and find the video.

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My very first project was a pair of socks. I had no teacher, I just used youtube videos and I did not follow any ready pattern. It might sound crazy but in the end it worked out for me. Of course there were plenty of mistakes and frustration in the beginning but I got the mistakes fixed and continued. It felt like the ribbing took forever to complete but I got both socks done and after that knitting became easier. I am actually wearing those socks right now as I write this.

There is one piece of advice I want to give: instead of knitting something bigger, just knit tiny squares (for example 5cm x 5cm) and then begin to practice how to fix a dropped stitch, how to rip etc. Do all kind of mistakes on purpose with these tiny squares. There are many youtube videos about fixing mistakes. It is so much healthier for the hearth if you know how to fix the most common mistakes before beginning with a bigger project.

After that pick a small project that interests you. A good beginners project should not be too big because it might be discouraging if it feels like it takes for ever to finish. A hat, a pair of mittens or a pair of socks might be a good choice. Of these a hat might be the easiest project.

What sort of project are you interested in knitting?