Shape Armholes?

I am a beginner knitter . Working on Linnea Tunic . Have no experience in reading a pattern . With help of u tube I have done the back and stuck at ShapeArmholes . I have tried multiple time by writing the steps out and reading . I am still confused and stuck until I get help…please and thank you

PS sorry if I have posted this question in the wrong section of the forum , see pattern section attached .

Welcome to KH and to knitting!

These kind of directions are often confusing. The decreases are at each end of the row, so 2 decreases per decrease row.
If you call the next row, row 1, then decrease on rows 1,3,5,7,9 and 11. Then dec on rows 15,19,23,27 and 31. Finally dec on rows 39, 47 55, 63 etc until you get to the given number of sts.

Thank you , this makes sense :blush:

how do i mark selv stitches, very confused by this, please help

Selvedge sts can be knit on the front side and purled on the back side if you want. They are sts that will be used for seaming so it depends on what you prefer.
What is the name of your pattern?

Yes, so since the jacket is in garter stitch a stockinette stitch selvedge (knit on the outside or public side, purl on the inside or private side) may be easier to seam.

Thank you, sorry this is a stupid question but what determines a selvage stitch, any stitch?

Good question. The selvedge stitch is the stitch on each end of a piece of knitting. It can be worked in any pattern that will help with seaming or that will make a nice finished edge on something like a scarf.
I don’t add in a selvedge stitch unless the pattern says to do so.

do i cast on more than the required stitches for pattern for selvage stitches?

If your pattern doesn’t call for a selvedge stitch but you want to one, you can either cast on an extra stitch at the seam edge or just call the seam side edge stitch your selvedge stitch.

A pattern with seams like your baby cardigan has already accounted for an edge stitch to be used in seaming so you need not add a stitch unless you want to. Bear in mind that you’ll have that extra stitch at the underarms and have to bind it off.

Thank you for all your help really appreciated

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