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just saw little knits is having a giant sock yarn sale… :wink:


Thanks. I think. I just saw I got the email.


Great link, thank you.


Shaun the Sheep free pattern


Free circular yoke sweater pattern

From this thread


Spring is coming. I just took this photo out on my balcony. The plant survived the winter and is beginning to bloom. I’ve been watching since I first saw buds on it and there are more on the way.


Hmmmm…you’re making me jealous. We still have three foot snowdrifts.:cry: Isn’t that a johnny jump up or pansy flower?


I hope your snow is gone soon. I didn’t put the photo in The Lounge because that seemed too inconsiderate. They’re violets of some sort but not pansies is all I know. They came from a memorial service for someone very important in my life. Having them bloom again is really special. Hard to believe it’s almost a year now.


Hi all I found this offer on Rav and thought I would tell you all about it. This --E-Book regular price $25.99, is free till Feb 28th… There are lots of really nice patterns in the book…–crochets-too-2014-rose-city-yarn-crawl-pattern-collection/patterns


:waving: Hi, Lori! Thanks for the link. I’d come across it already and Favorited it. :slight_smile:

I’ve been knitting baby things. lol


Favoriting it is not the same as downloading or saving in your library. You will loose it unless you download it…I know Rav is not your favorite place…

I have been working on minion, crazy kitty, etc type of hats, plus been doing a few cowls. My niece gave me all this yarn (homespun and Country Loom) and I’m trying to figure out what to do with it… Anyone have good infinity scarf or cowl pattern for this bulky yarn?



Thanks. I didn’t realize. When my computer died I lost a lot of stuff.

Have you done a Moebius with the special cast on? I like Planet Purls video best if you need one.


The ebook is in my library so it’s good. I’m really glad you let me know that about favorites, Lori.


Favorites is more of a note thing to yourself, you save a post you like or a link etc… A pattern etc. has to be saved in your library or you will loose it…I am here if you ever need help on Rav. Bed time for me…I hate that we are 3 hrs apart…night!


I have never done a real möbius…interested…


I like this video. I did one for practice and frogged it. I want to do one for real.


Good night, sleep tight. Pleasant dreams, etc., etc.


the gaptastic cowl is a popular one on ravelry, and country loom shows up in many of the FOs -

haley waxberg’s mobius pattern was originally done in a manos del uraguay yarn, but again, many of the FOs have been done in country loom and homespun -

haley also has a bulky version -

a really interesting one is Ashley McCan’s with chains, braids, and loops. the multi-strand look is still in, with jewelry and accessories (my neighbor/ex hallmark boss still gets the catalogs and tells me trivia frequently) -

just a few ideas… :wink:


That chain loop scarf is really interesting. Thanks, X.