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:woot:Thank you Lori , I just downloaded it.

Hi GG, I love you blog here, it’s so packed with some much great links and ideas . Thank you.

Yeah, there’s all kinds of great stuff and I know it’s in here somewhere but where? :rofl: 210 pages of stuff and I can’t find anything.

That’s pretty much how it goes for me too. I spent an hour on my laptop trying to find a lace wrap pattern I downloaded that I promised my daughter I’d knit for her :hair:

Have you made a Mobieus scarf? I made one years and years ago and hated it for some reason ( I can’t remember why), I liked her video, thanks.

Thanks for the links, I have done several searches on Rav as well. My problem is yardage, I only have 2 -3 balls of the Homespun and all the balls are a different colour.

With the Country loom yarn, it only has 106 yards in a skein and again I don’t have many balls of the same colour.

Apparently the niece that gave me the yarn bought it for her daughter to make hats with a loom, so hense so many balks in different colours…

I have made 2 of these with this yarn
They are ok! And quick to make up…but what do I do with them?

Maybe do something with helix/barber pole/one row stripes? What it would be I dunno. I’m no help at all! :sad:

I’m just finishing the sleeves of a baby sweater. The body is the helix stripes in red, blue, and gray, the top is in the blue, the sleeves are gray, and the cuffs, bottom band, and neck will be done in red. Unless I don’t like how the red works up and then I’ll change the color. I will finish this before starting my test knit for Mr. X. That’s going to be a challenge for me because I will have to start, stick with, actually finish the pattern as it is presented. No improvisation and making it up as I go along. Can I do it? I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…

Can only patterns available via Ravelry download be stored in the library? I haven’t seen a way to save others there, I’m hoping there’s a way.

ETA I think I figured it out. I added some things. :woohoo:

You found a way to put other patterns in your Rav Library?

Tell us how?

What I do to save a pattern that I find is I made a folder in my browser called ‘knitting’ and I save a web page in that folder…

I have never done the helix stripes, don’t forget to take pictures and show us your sweater…

Who is MR. X and what are you test knitting?

Pictures are always nice, so yes please, post photos when you’re done !

Mr. X is XtopherCB. Mr X, I’d like to introduce you to Lori renowned and loved for Lori’s Twisty Bind Off. Lori, please meet Mr. X who has a hat pattern he developed that some of us are test knitting for him. More info in this thread: test knitting.

X is very helpful to all of us and seems to enjoy running down patterns to suggest:

and has started thread for limited time free patterns that gets updated frequently. I won’t mention that he recently conceded that purling is a necessary evil. :wink:

I have several baby things I’ve done recently and after I wash them will get pics.

Notebook > Library > +add items to my library > to the right will be “Enter a title or author” and you can type or copy/paste something into the search bar. It will find it or tell you it can’t; if found you can add it to your library. There are options to click for Books, etc. too off to the left.

I really figured out something you hadn’t? :passedout:

ETA The pattern has to be on Ravelry so far as I can tell, it doesn’t do a web search though there may be a way to enter a pattern that’s not on Rav. :shrug:

i’m waving HI! and now i’m out for a bike ride… it’s a windy but otherwise gorgeous day here, and i need some sunshine, so to the yakima greenway trail i go! :wink:

Lol, I have talked to X before, I just didn’t make the connection…
Thanks GG for the formal intro, and pleased to meet you X.

How often does one have opportunity to play hostess and go through the introduction process? I knew you two had interacted before, I just had to have some fun. :slight_smile:

Yes, our Mr X is very helpful and has such a great sense of humor . I am chuffed to bits to see a man that not only knits but is an inspiration to others that knit. He is knowledgeable in knitting to the point of someone I look to for ideas and help and encouragement . Wish my hubby was a knitter. Although hubby is one of my biggest fans and supports me to the point of overloading my yarn stash . I have one son that asked me to teach him to knit but in the end he gave up . But he did ask for me to knit him dishcloths for his birthday .

you’re all too kind… if anybody’s soaking up knowledge around here, it’s me. there are so many experienced, accomplished, patient - so very patient - people on this site… i’m just along for the ride. :slight_smile:

Just to be sure you don’t forget I still blame you for my Dishrag Tote, I did it all in knits, remember?

knits and slipped stitches… ( and it’s gorgeous work, so i’m happy to take the ‘blame’ for that inspiration :wink:

In a way you really did present me with a challenge. I’m glad I did it the way I did but I’ll not plan on another no purl project, trust me.