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It has been a quiet winter for me this year, still knitting away. Nothing real spectacular, but if anyone us interested here is what I have made in 2015

The black and russet hat is the only Double knitting project…

I think of you all often, I just don’t have anything to add to conversations…


you’ve done some great work! i especially love your black & white brioche hat.


Mint Green Cabled Socks, I love them ! You do exquisite work Lori .


Does a Grafted Row Count as One or Two Pattern Rows

I got the right answer on the question.


Call me a beginner knitter, I said A . I bookmarked this link , thanK you GG !


When I grafted the cabled band for a hat I was trying to think how to make it work. I didn’t know what I was doing, but mostly it worked for me. What I knew, and therefore let me guess the right answer, was that I was working stitches that were on two different needles and so one has to be worked as the WS and one as the RS. I’m not sure I follow what the article says, my mind just doesn’t work well on things like this.

Videos and instructions for grafting stockinette have you enter the front needle stitch purlwise the first time and remove it knitwise, and the reverse for the back needle stitch. Effectively that means working a WS row on the back needle and a RS row on the front needle, at least in the way I see things. Amy’s video for garter stitch grafting works front and back needles the same; both are worked as knits - the WS on the back needle would normally be worked as knits. If you’ve read this and tried to make sense of it, I apologize for giving you a headache.


Interesting read. It’s about creative vs artistic.
I sometime flatter myself that my more creative endeavors border on the artistic.


also remember, pure artists get eaten during the zombie apocalypse. creative people figure out ways to live. there is no place for fine art when it’s all about subsistence/survival. but a well made, usable hand craft (clothing, tools, from-scratch food), or ability to farm or travel or defend, using recycled materials, etc etc, those keep humans going. not humanity, not society, but just humans as organisms.

there’s a fun book i saw at costco before christmas: “The Art Of Eating Through The Zombie Apocalypse.”


Can knitting needles be used effectively against zombies?


Yes, always go for the head !


Excellent. Thank you. If I ride the bus I want straight needles to work with. I think I’ll be left alone.


I think I might go to Little Knits. IRL go to Little Knits. Soon.


Are you buying yarn !?! again :rofl:.


Me? Buy yarn? Again? What well did you fall out of?



GG could do some window shopping and hob-nobbing in tacoma next week… madrona fiber arts is having their winter retreat feb 12-15 at the hotel murano. all free, except the classes.

although i’m not sure about stephanie pearl-mcphee’s ‘what happens at madrona stays at madrona’ teacher talent show. a ‘strict media blackout’ makes that one part of the retreat sound sketchy.


Nice share :yay:


It looks like it could be fun. I wish I could. I don’t do group things well. I get panicky in groups. Walking around and seeing some of it could be nice though. Deciding to plan a trip to Little Knits is a big deal for me. There. I said more about me than I should or usually will.


the event was suggested to me, on, in response to my response to a question about which site people use more. i said here, and then ravelry, and and and and… finally towards the end is MWK and MWK group on rav. because i don’t favor the back-slapping, very complicated projects, all-guy brotherhood of fiber arts, i need technical info, patterns, and silly fun helpful people, although i wouldn’t mind a nice LYS (all gone now, except one that’s 45 miles away in ellensburg) or even better, a local KAL/kawfee-klatch, every once in a while. (RANOUTOFAIR-DEEEEEEPBREATH). phew.

anyway, it was suggested as a possibility, but if i’m driving that far, it’s because i’m ending up in seattle for family.


Neckline shaping tips

A Proper Cocoknits Neckline


Love this! Thank you :muah: