Dishcloth Knit/Crochet Along


I’ve never done short rows or w&t, so I’m intrigued. Not gonna start it tonight, but possibly tomorrow.


It has short rows? I should look. I wonder how they say to do them. Whatever they say to do I will probably do German short rows on account of because that’s what I’m used to.


What’s a German short row??


German short rows are one way of working them without the wrap and turn. Short rows German There are many ways of doing them. A discussion on short rows and how to work them is something like the proverbial can of worms. I prefer the German over the W&T method because I think it looks better.


In between cooking for family dinners, training Gizmo, and looking for jobs, I got the first washcloth for Christmas finished and blocked. The matching soap sack is still OTN; I dropped one of the lace stitches, and need to figure out how to latch it back up, so it’s patiently awaiting me. :pray:

I used Mandarin Petit fingering weight Egyptian cotton by SandnesGarn in Topaz Blue. It has the unfortunate tendency to split, but is oh so soft. Yummy stuff! My cloth knit up to be about 9" square after blocking.


Charlotte, that’s BEAUTIFUL!!! It’s so delicate looking and oh, so lovely. Well done! :thumbsup: Thanks for the FOto!


Charlotte, that is stunning. Amazing. Beautiful. :yay:


Beautiful!! This looks like Evelyn Clark’s Bathing Beauties :inlove: You are well on your way to being prepared for holiday gift giving!


Just had to share with my fellow clothmaniacs!

Happy trolling and knitting and trolling! :rofl:


It is! :heart:

I’m looking forward to trying the Old Shale Cloth in the round… Maybe that will be good practice for a round doily.


Another use for this stitch pattern:

Turtle Butt


LOL I put the blanket there because it was already in the car and I thought it made a better background than the pink towel that normally covers the passenger seat.

Thanks for the compliments (on both) – I appreciate it. The kids tell me this is their favorite blanket and I’ve started another one, but I keep getting distracted from it (which is why it took me three years to make the first one. ;))




Set up and ready to go :slight_smile:


It looks very nice! :thumbsup:

I think I understand the dish drainer cloth now. I’ve always had the kind of drainer that dumps into the sink, so I was a bit confused about what you were talking about. Anyway, yours is very nice – that is such a great pattern!


Now I understand. That looks awesome, Claire. :inlove:


Awesome! :muah:


That’s terrific, Claire! I use a towel under mine but maybe I’ll have to copy you and knit something for the purpose. :slight_smile:


What is really cool is when I am at the sink and I look over and see it :slight_smile: I’ve knitted so many dishcloths and don’t own a single one of them, this is the first item I have knitted for our home :inlove:


That’s so cool Claire! :heart: I’m knitting a wash cloth for my 23year old son now. He’s been complaining he was the only one of us (except me lol) that doesn’t have one of his own. My younger son’s friends ask for them when they spend the night and have to shower. Knit yourself more!! LOL :hug: