Dishcloth Knit/Crochet Along


If I don’t start the thread, I won’t get to participate. :teehee:

Over in the New favorite dishcloth pattern thread, a clever knitter suggested a Dishcloth KAL since there seemed to be a lot of KnittingHelp-ers who are making dishcloths, who enjoy making dishcloths, and who want to share their dishcloth patterns with other like-minded knitters.

I’m opening this thread for pattern links (especially, but not limited to, ones that have photos of the poster’s version attached/linked/included), suggestions, recommendations, idea requests, and any other related (or not) chatter.

While this thread was inspired by a discussion about knitted dishcloths, I’m extending the invitation to crocheter’s as well – we can inspire each other, even if we don’t use the exact same patterns, and some things (like dimensions and materials) are not craft-specific.

Please join the fun! What are you working on? :knitting:


I’m not currently working on a dishcloth, but I am working on a placemat based on a towel pattern:

Basket Rib Hand Towel pattern
Ravelry Link
Blog Link

I don’t have a photo of it yet, but I am about to frog it for the third time; maybe I’ll take a picture of it before I do. :blush:

Long story short is that I can’t seem to make up my mind what I’m doing with it – one strand or two? how many stitches to start? gauge swatch or not? dishcloth as a gauge swatch or not? I think I need a support group! :roflhard:

So far I’ve tried one strand at 50 stitches (long tail cast on, good width but too thin after 4 pattern repeats), two strands at 62 stitches (long tail cast on, too wide after two pattern repeats), and 32 stitches (cable cast on, 4 pattern repeats) However, I forgot that the pattern is multiples of 4 plus 2, so my pattern is a bit off in addition to being 10 inches wide – much too big for a simple gauge swatch/dishcloth.

I’m going to frog it, cast on either 26 or 30 stitches, and then keep going until it’s square, bind off, and toss in the washer. I mean it this time! Maybe. :doh: :wink:

I’m obviously overthinking this. I need the inspiration of some success stories! :thumbsup:


It sounds like a small towel to me. Maybe you should consider finishing this piece for a towel. I’ve decided that knitted towels are a good idea too so I guess I just might make some. I’m going to either finish the blanket rib cloth I’ve got going or frog and start the basket rib pattern that’s tormenting you. :teehee: I personally prefer white yarn for these types of things. I’ve been known to bleach the color out of my hand knitted squarish pieces.

PS Thank you. I really don’t recall the last time someone called me clever. :aww:


Well, here is my circle cloth, in progress obviously, in Peaches and Creme, Sweet Pea. The pattern is

ETA: frogged again… sigh…


What is the problem you are having with it? Just wondering…


I refuse to use a life line is the main problem!! :roflhard: I was on my 3rd row of circles this time, and I dropped a stitch, and it went downhill from there. I started tinking back and got confused. My knitting life would be so much simpler if I’d just use one. I’m stubborn, though. I’m gonna try it in 2 colors instead of 1 I think.


I have one girly facecloth OTN now, half way done, along with my almost finished first attempt at Fair Isle, and DGDs never ending sweater. :zombie:

It’s Evelyn Clark’s Ribbon Lace facecloth in fingering weight Egyptian cotton:

The pattern is easy to memorize, and fun to watch grow as you work. I do recommend stitch markers for people like me who get lost going to their own bathroom in the middle of the night. :rofl:

Once I finish this one and start the matching soap sack (yes it’s time to start Xmas knitting), i’ll cast on jinx’s new find in 2 colors. Maybe red & green to try to finish off the boatload of Dishie I bought last year for those little mini Xmas gifts one can never have too many of…


Charlotte, those are beautiful! I wanna see yours when they’re done.


Will do, GG, promise! Now to find some bars of girly soap…


It feels stiff and I don’t know that I’ll like it for a dishcloth but if not it will be handy for wiping up spills. I didn’t like working this pattern, it might be better in a stretchier yarn so I may try it again. :think: I’ll have to think about it.


Using two colors should help A LOT! And, I have never used a lifeline, either, so don’t feel like the lone ranger! Try again with 2 colors and see how it goes, maybe!


:thumbsup: Nice!


Just a thought here GG, stiff is often good for scrubbing. Maybe it’s your teflon/floor/bathtub cloth? YMMV.


What’s Teflon? :rofl: I’ve not owned nonstick cookware for years. I detest the stuff. You’re right that it should be good for scrubbing. Right now my cafetiere is upside down to dry on it. I must get some yarn for that circle pattern, I definitely want two solid colors on it and I don’t have them right now.


Very pretty! :thumbsup: I like how it looks. Is it thick enough to use as a hotpad or oven mitt?


Thanks. It’s fairly thick but I don’t think it would work as an oven mitt or pot holder as the columns between ribs are pretty loose, it would be fine for setting something hot on so yeah, a hot pad would be OK. Thicker yarn would make it thicker of course so if you like the stitch pattern and want to try it, I suggest using some different yarns for testing it out and then decide how it would work for you. If I wanted double thick I think I’d go with double knitting.


Hey Katie - What yarn are you using for this?


Bernat Handicrafter – my favorite kitchen cotton – from the Cotton Candy collection.


I was having some difficulty :?? following the directions for the Circle Cloth Circle Cloth, when I read this :

“(In my research I found that the original stitch pattern “Hexagon” can be found in Barbara Walker’s, A Treasury of Knitting Patterns, Page 67.)” Hexagon

I thought, alright, pulled out Barbara Walker’s book and began knitting from the pattern. I had gotten on a bit with it when I discovered that they were not the same pattern, but decided to continue :knitting:

This was originally intended to be a tea cloth to lie in the bottom of my dish drain, but it ended up too small. On top of that, after I had bound it off I found a mistake, not very noticeable; I had purled a knit row.

It is large enough for a tea towel, 13X16½, I will wash it and block it and it will probably be put away, perhaps a gift for my MIL, even if she noticed the flaw, I know she wouldn’t mind.

I added two garter stitches on each side to edge it. The solid yarn is Light Blue ‘Sugar’n Cream’, I haven’t been able to locate the label for the variegated yarn. It is knitted in number 7 straights (if I had worked it on the circulars I would have gotten a better sense of the size, drat :-x , where are those darn needles, anyway).

The [B]‘Hexagon’ [/B]pattern was easy enough to work after becoming familiar with it, I’m certain that the ‘Circle Cloth’ pattern would be just as instinctual to work; I still could use a cloth for my dish drain, there may be a [B]‘Circle Cloth’ [/B]in the works in the very near term.


Why do you refuse to use a lifeline?