Dishcloth Knit/Crochet Along


I think the circle cloth pattern is easier to work in 2 colors, but I found that it isn’t a “mindless pattern,” one still has to pay a slight amount of attention. Once familiar with it though, it seems pretty intuitive. There are a few places where you have knit on a previously purled row, or purl on a knit row, and I would think, “wait a second, should I be doing this?” but a quick check with the pattern would confirm things.

The circles are offset from each other, row by row, and on my second cloth, almost done, I messed up and did two rows the same, but, it’s just going to be a hot pad, so I’m going with it. I’ll post pics later.


I just forget, or get into a rhythm and think I’ll be alright without one.


I think place mats started this thread. I’m doing the pattern in this video Knitting Help - Linen Stitch and think it would make really great place mats. I cast on intending to make a dishcloth, decided that 5" wide wouldn’t make a great size for one, decided it could be a coaster, but now I’m thinking I’ll make long enough to fold and stitch up the sides for a Kindle cover. Both sides look nice IMO. It’s amazingly flat. This piece doesn’t have much stretch to it. I’m using size 8 needles and Peaches and Creme yarn, Sunshine and a blue w/o a label so I don’t know what they call it. Larger needles would make it looser and somewhat stretchier I suppose and would be a good dishcloth.

I got the yarn for a circle cloth and it got hijacked for this.

Yeah, that’s easy to do. Try making yourself do it sometime, you might be glad you did.


I just ran across this video. It shows the honeycomb stitch, which is similar to the Circle Cloth Stitch, and it is knitted in three colors:

3 Color Honeycomb Stitch


What a lovely stitch for placemats, GG. And your hijacked yarn will make a neat little Kindle cover! I just love blue and yellow together - its such an appealing color combination!


Very nice!

I did a search on for the Linen Stitch, I found this. Does it look like the Linen Stitch you used?

Scrappy Lengthwise Scarf


It looks like it might be the same. If so it looks like they alternated which side got the knits and which side got the purls or it could be just the changing colors make it look that way. I’ve been thinking of trying it with the yarn held in back for slipping the knits and/or in front for slipping the purls. Before I play around with it like that I decided to finish the Kindle cover.


GG - Do you have a link to a written pattern for the Linen Stitch?


The way I’m doing the linen stitch is:

CO an even number of sts
Row 1: (K1, wyif sl1) repeat to end of row, ending with sl1
Row 2: (P1, wyib sl1) repeat to end of row, ending with sl1

Stitches are slipped purlwise

This link should open a PDF file which I’ve printed out. The BO she recommends is unusual IME.

The link worked for me on preview but just in case, it’s from this page, 2nd paragraph under the first illustration.

This half linen stitch was actually what I had in mind when I came across the video and decided to try the 2 color pattern. I’m now stitching up my Kindle case. Maybe I’ll get it done tonight.


DH remarked that this looks like an Easter Egg :roflhard: It does!

This is the Circle Cloth Pattern The color of the variegated yarn is Kaleidescope, also using up some yellow and some pink yarn. I really don’t know how much of a dent I’ll make in the cotton worsted, but I’m trying :thumbsup:

I’m determined to make a cloth that fits for the dish drain; this is the third try and I think this will do it. The pattern in colors similar to this could possibly make a cute spring jacket for a little girl :think:



Your colors are adorable, just like Easter Eggs! And your cloth is looking mighty fine!


Easter eggs? Yeah, OK. It’s very pretty. Nicely done!


After goofing the 2nd border on my washcloth three times and frogging it all three times, I decided a change of pace was in order. Can’t help but wonder how much getting the Giz had to do with that…:angelgrin:

So I cast on for my circle cloth dishcloth with my new needles in the size I usually use for Dishie, Size 9. But after working through the pattern to get 2 rows of circles, it felt funny in my hands while working, so I decided against finishing it and frogged it too.

I do love how the pattern stitch looks, just not how it felt when in work. Maybe I knit tighter on the new needles, and I need to move up to 10s.

The new Nova Cubics feel great, BTW, much easier to hold. Now, if I can just leave Gizmo alone long enough to get the second border right on my washcloth…:inlove:


I like the colors and the texture of the stitch you used in this. Have you finished it yet?


Thanks, Claire, for asking. I did finish but I’ve not decided whether to add a button and button loop. After working with this stitch pattern and then seeing the beautiful Mosaic Crib Blanket that MerigoldinWA made I just have to try mosaic knitting!


That turned out really nice :heart: I think a button would finish off the cover.

I look forward to hearing about your mosaic knitting adventures.


Still haven’t finished a circle cloth, but here my latest dishcloth. The pattern is called All Washed Up.


All Washed Up

Very pretty. :yay: For a new knitter you really are awesome at keeping your tension consistent. I still struggle with that and chronologically I’m not a new knitter anymore.


Very pretty! I’ve been wondering what you’ve been up to. Good job :thumbsup:


Thanks, GG. I am such a perfectionist. I’m trying really hard not to be but it’s hard. I concentrate on keeping my tension consistent… I tend to knit extremely tightly if I don’t.