Dishcloth Knit/Crochet Along


Thanks, Claire!


Janis, that’s a really nice dishcloth! :heart:


Janis - Have you finished your circle cloth? I still have a little ways to go on mine, fifty plus rows. Just wondering what might be the best row to end/bind off on.


I have not finished mine yet, Claire, so I have no clue! Lol.


You might ask here FO- three circle cloths (potholders) to see what this person did.


GG - You had mentioned an interest in mosaic knitting. I found a beautiful jacket on this site:

>Mosaic Knitting


That is beautiful, Claire, thanks for the link! I’ve been playing around with 2 colors (the ones I got for the circle cloth kind of got kidnapped but I still intend to do one!) and slipping stitches and made a sort of square that is too big and too thick for a dishcloth. I like the fabric it made, I just don’t know yet what I’ll make with it, maybe a bag. Meanwhile I’ve also cast on for a One Row blanket (k2, k1tbl, p1 and repeat those stitches to the end, turn and repeat) and a pair of socks. The blanket is to use up yarn I was given and I’d like the giver to see what I’m making. The socks were promised last winter to my DS. I think I’m going to have to get a book on mosaic knitting I’m finding it hard to run down the stuff I want online. I’ll check the library first.


My Goodness! You are one busy little bee :slight_smile: I like the stitch for the blanket - how wide do you think it’ll end up being? Have you knitted many socks? What yarns are you using in these projects?

In Judy’s post for her Mosaic Crib Blanket she had mentioned using patterns from Barbara Walker’s book. You can probably order that from your library, may take a few weeks to get it. I so wish I had looked at that book when I was at my Santa Fe LYS, but the owner discouraged me, said I wouldn’t be interested in it, so I didn’t give it a second thought. I never realized that mosaic knitting was slip stitch knitting, always thought it was stranded work.

That jacket is so beautiful :inlove: I’m almost finished with my circle cloth, was so tired last night :sleepy: kept falling asleep with my knitting in my lap :passedout: I promised a pair of socks for our friend that we stayed with while we were in Santa Fe, the yarn arrives in the next couple of days.

I really wanted to try out that Linen Stitch, lengthwise on a scarf, at least get it cast on before the sock yarn arrives. I have just the yarn for it, Peaches & Crème Ivy League Still working through the cotton worsted stash.

We need an emoticon for juggling :rofl: We hired a painter to finish up the house, starting to pack, interviewed another R.E. Agent today, we like her. We rented a storage unit today for boxes and a couple of oddball things. And we’re sleeping in the living room until the upstairs is painted. Idk what I like about that, but I do.


Is that dishcloth yarn, Claire? It’s very pretty.


That Ivy League is very nice. When I worked the linen stitch my stitches were very tight and the fabric is pretty solid; it hurt my hands. Be aware that it is very easy for things to get tight and pay attention to keeping it loose. I have 2 cones of Pageantry that I got for making things for my bathroom, what things I don’t know yet. :shrug: I’m stash busting, I have tons of inexpensive (not cheap! just very, very inexpensive) acrylic that’s been around for about half a century :teehee: maybe that I’m using up. This morning my DD came over after dropping the kids at school (GS doesn’t have a great track record for the first day [he has Asperger’s] and this way she was closer to the school and wasn’t waiting alone for the call from school that didn’t :yay: come) and we got to talking about slippers and now I’ve cast on with 3 strands of green yarns, all close by not quite the same color, to try a slipper sole for another Non Felted Slippers pair. I think I’m in start-it mode, not finish-it mode. I’ve made a half dozen or so pairs of socks I think. I do them the toe-up Lifestyle No Pattern Needed method, how do you do them? The socks are Felici sport, Depths colorway.

I think the blanket should be 36"-40" wide and I’m guesstimating about 60" long. Dunno. Will try to post a photo later. It’s a variegated yarn and I don’t like most patterns with mixed colors as they tend to struggle for dominance, do I see the pattern or the colors? This seemed to sort of achieve a balance.

Other than smelling fresh paint, camping out downstairs sounds cool to me. I sure do hope you can get the house sold at a good price, soon, since that’s what you need to do.


It’s a dishcloth cotton. When I first began knitting, I made a lot of dishcloths, hats and facecloths. Most of the dishcloths were from Love to Knit Discloths by Evelyn Clark I hadn’t looked at my cotton stash for years, and then there was this threadNew Favorite Dishcloth Pattern and one of the posters :teehee: ahem…mentioned the Circle Cloth Pattern So I’m now busting my dishcloth cotton stash. Don’t know how long this will last, but I’m going with it.


I read some project notes on the Cerus Scarf and someone had noted that this stich hurt their wrists; they were only able to knit one or two rows at a sitting. Egad, the pain we endure as knitters. I like the colors in the Pageantry yarn; you could do a lot with that.

I found what I think may be your sock pattern, Lifestyle Toe-Up Socks and the yarn but not the color. Merino wool, nice; DH belongs to an Adventure Rider group, :teehee: they would be so jealous if I were to knit a pair for him.

I do like the Ivy League. I had knit one leg warmer and a friend had tried it on; he does yoga and I told him I would knit the mate to it; at the time I mentally noted that it was too tight for him and when he asked me about it recently I told him the problem and essentially I’ve been released from that commitment.

Good news for your DD. I had a guy working for me that has Asperger’s, my neighbors had recommended him and weren’t aware of that. I was able to figure it out, wish I had known ahead of time, I would have instructed him differently.

This will be my first pair of socks :oo: My friend picked out the Sideways Sock Pattern and the yarn is Pumpkin Spice Yarn and wouldn’t you know, it’s been discounted since I ordered it.

So, we’re sleeping on the futon couch, we didn’t convert it back to a couch this morning, just made it up; I don’t see the point, we’ll be back upstairs within a few days. So when I look at it, it relaxes me :slight_smile: I think of sleeping. Plus the quilt is pretty, I like looking at it.

Thank you for your well wishes for the selling of our home, we are working hard and hopefully making good decisions.


@GG - I found your color

Felici Sport Depths

It reminds me of an ocean or lake.


That’s a cool scarf. Maybe I’ll see if some of my stash yarn would work for it. I’d say just make sure you keep it loose. As a continental knitter the part I found hurtful was working with tight stitches, maybe if you knit English there’s something else involved though I can’t figure out what it would be.

Yes, that’s the socks. I forgot to include a link, sorry 'bout that, I do try to remember because I’m always chasing things down. I’ve never actually used a sock pattern, I just make them to fit. The Sideways Socks are interesting. Please post a few photos as you go along I’d like to really get an idea how they go together. I am going to try a for-real sock pattern and make [Skew Socks]( socks). I believe it was AuburnChick that posted her FOtos. I’m holding out to be able to buy some really wild psychedelic yarn for them to indulge my wild side. The space dyed stuff looks like a real possibility. For now I must content myself with de-stashing.

People with Asperger’s can be some of the most wonderful people as long as those around them understand that their minds work differently. It’s my understanding that high IQ goes with the disorder. The psychologist some years back said he wished he could get my GS to actually finish an IQ test. It was one of those, this is pointless so why bother exercises for a little boy who would politely decline to continue. Everyone had to settle for “off the charts” for his IQ rating. My SIL is almost certainly undiagnosed Asperger’s and the tendency toward the characteristics of it run rampant in my side of the family.

That’s it! On my DS’s feet, think ocean rather than lake. :mrgreen:


You all have been busy while I was gone! :knitting: :yay:

I was originally planning to do my placemats with the linen stitch, but I changed my mind – I can’t remember why, at the moment, although it would have only been a few weeks ago. I think I thought it was too complicated. :doh:

Your work looks great! :thumbsup: I may go ahead and try it for my next set!

I did finish my washcloth, but I can’t find my crochet hook (for lack of trying) and it has two long strings hanging off the corners. In the meantime, I’ve gone ahead and started a placemat in the same pattern. So far the width looks pretty good (best so far) although I don’t know if it will hold up in washing.

I have not taken a picture of the finished dishcloth because of the strings (and not taking time to find my crochet hook in the flurry of activities that go with leaving on vacation and returning from vacation) but I will post one soon.

Has anyone ever crocheted a dishcloth or are knit ones better?


Very pretty! What is the purpose of a cloth that fits the dish drain? Doesn’t that interfere with it’s ability to drain into the sink? Although I like the idea of dressing it up to look nicer, I’m guessing there is more to it than that.


Welcome back! I hope you had a great vacation. I kept misplacing my yarn needle but finally got in the habit of keeping it in a little case in my box of knitting doodads and now I rarely have a problem with it, knock on wood. Crochet hooks are another matter, they love to hide, so much so that I almost always fix mistakes with the knitting needles anymore. I put a towel under my dish drainer on the counter to soak up the water that drains off and I thought that’s what claireweber was talking about. Now I’m not sure.


I did a few crochet cotton dishcloths in size 10 thread as gifts, and all of mine that I have are in worsted cotton. Whether one is better than the other is a “you say potato, I say potahto.”

I like knitted cloths for wiping the counters and drying my hands as the fabric is thinner. Crocheted dishcloths tend to make a thicker fabric, and very few can’t be used as an impromptu pot holder or hot pad.


Looking forward to seeing your cloth!


Beautiful pattern and dishcloth! I love it! :yay:


I just realized, dishcloths are the gateway to more knitting addictions. :noway: