Common Abbreviations on this forum


[color=#300090]A question I spotted in the [U]Buy/Sell/Swap[/U] section asked “what is [B]PM[/B]?”

Over there it would most likely be a private message but in a pattern it would me place marker.

Do I get credit for two entries? Oh, I better look for MM too (move marker) [Edit: [B]MM[/B] is not on the list either.]

And another explanation of [B]DPH[/B] would be double pointed hooks (crochet specific? perhaps). :slight_smile:

[B]DPH[/B]s are more often called double ended hooks or Cro-hooks (a trademark of Boye) and they are used in Crochet-on-the-double and Croknit (sometimes crochetnit). They use the Tunisian stitch and two strands of yarn (one at each end of the hook) to create a two sided Tunisian stitch fabric.



Would doing a little frogging be [U]pollywoging[/U]?


Most patterns use ‘sm’ for slip marker, not move marker. I don’t think I’ve seen a pattern write ‘mm’.


:think: Perhaps it is because I frequent the crochet section more than the (knitting) Pattern section. I am sure I saw more than one pattern using the mm notation. They were aniguri or some funky work for little stuffed animal patterns. Yes, I am sure it was in crochet patterns for in-the-round work. You have to move the marker in crochet as it is through a stitch (or around a post) and not on a needle as it would be in knitted patterns.


That could be unique to crochet then, since the marker has to mark a stitch, not be on the hook as in knitting. I used to crochet a bit, but nothing that required markers much and I just used a piece of thread if I needed to.


That could be either “Place Marker” or “Private Message”…depending on context


I think pollywoging would mean Alot of frogging!!!


[COLOR="#330099"]When I’ve seen it, OP seemed to mean Original Post or Original Poster that started the thread.

I didn’t see it in the list, has it been mentioned or discussed? :shrug:


I love the little “frog” icon. That is so cute.
I had come to post a question of what the “UFO” meant and found this.
I am new here. I can see already that this is a great site.




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Welcome to Knitting Help. It is indeed a great and friendly site.
(UFO is unfinished object.)


Saw one post where the poster had listed an item as OTN which I understood but they also posted another as OTH not sure about that one


I think that would mean ‘TYPO’ :teehee:


OTH–On the hook? Crochet. When it’s done it’s off the hook.


[color=#154080]Yep, GG, there is more than one way for us to weave our yarns.

I’d say OTH is TYPO-negative! Knotty me. :wink: [/color]


Oh, yes, you are knotty! Aren’t we all?
You realize, I trust, that OTH could have been a typo even though it has a legit usage.:eyebrow:
Speaking of weaving, I want to try it.


OTH= On the Hooks (crochet)


Just wanted to say how much I appreciate this sticky. Its very helpful to newbie knitters unfamiliar with the lingo.

On a side note, I read the original post, and the link at the very end, the one that says, “Click here for more knitting abbreviations” or something like that, isn’t working. When I click on it, it just brings me to the KH 404 page.

On the 404 page, there is a link, among many, to the abbreviation page. Maybe some things got moved around and such during an update since this sticky was made and the link no longer does what its supposed to do anymore.

Just wanted to let ya’ll know. :wink:


[B]F[/B]inished [B]O[/B]bject + pho[B]to[/B]
A photo of a finished object

I may have started using this here. I’ve seen others using it too. If someone else was first with it and wants credit for it, just say so. Don’t worry about stepping on my toes, I’m wearing my steel toed flip flops. :roflhard: