Common Abbreviations on this forum


Here’s a list to help you get a handle on some of our forum abbreviations.
For more knitting abbreviations, go here.

BRB – be right back (used in chat mostly)
BTW – By the way

dec – decrease (decrease a stitch in your knitting, see basic techniques)

D(followed by another capitol letter) commonly refers to a relation, such as one’s “Dear Son.” So:
DB – Dear brother/boss/other relation whose significance starts with 'B’
DBF – Dear boyfriend
DD --Dear daughter
DDIL – Dear daughter-in-law
DGD – Dear granddaughter
DGS – Dear grandson
DH – Dear husband
DS – Dear son
DSE – Dear spousal equivalent
DSO – Dear significant other
DW – Dear wife
*D might also refer to another D word, depending on the mood of the poster…Darling, Darned, etc.

ETA – Edited to Add (used in a post when someone goes in to edit their post later)
EZ – Elizabeth Zimmermann, the renouned knitting teacher and author

FO – Finished object (*related to UFO, Unfinished Object)
FROG – Frog is used quite often when an item is ripped out. Comes from “rip it, rip it” sounding like ribbit.
FWIW – For what it’s worth

GMTA – great minds think alike

HTH – Hope this helps

inc – increase (add a stitch in your knitting, see basic techniques section)
IMO – In my opinion
IMHO – In my humble opinion
IMHBUO – In my humble (but unerring) opinion
IMNSHO – In my not so humble opinion

K – Knit
KH – :wink:
KIP – Knitting in public
KP –
KWIM – Know what I mean?

LOL – Laughing out loud (*see also ROFL)
LYS – Local yarn shop

MIA – Missing In Action (gone from the boards long enough to be noticed as missing)

OMG – Oh My God/Goddess/Goodness
OT – off topic

PITA - Pain in the *ss
POV – point of view
P – Purl

ROFL – Rolling on the floor laughing
ROFLM*O – Rolling on the floor laughing my asterisk off

SEX – Stash enhancement (e)xpedition
SnB – Stitch N B!tch (refers to an SnB group of people, or the book)
SO – significant other

TIA – Thanks in advance
TINK – knit, spelled backwards, means to un-knit (frog)

UFO – Unfinished object

WIP – Work in progress
WOTA – Wool of the Andes yarn
WYIF – With yarn in front
WYIB – With yarn in back

YO – yarn over, an increase (more knitting terms/abbreviations here)


I know this is gonna get deleted, but didn’t EYE invent KH? I mean, invent as in started saying it?

And, KK must feel proud that she’s on the list… for PITA.


Must have been in Sept. when I was AWOL. What’s EYE? (Dare I ask?)

ETA: Ahhh, I get it. Denise, I didn’t know you invented the KH abbreviation! GOOD ONE, thanks!! :thumbsup:


I certainly didnt invent THAT! I will take credit for WOTA, though… :thumbsup:

Amy, Deni just likes to spell things strangely… she meant “I”. :rollseyes: :lol:


[color=blue]SIMC,HMS,LOL I’m getting too old to ROTFLM*O!

And yet another of life’s questions, that I have been pondering, has been answered HERE!
And it was the word origin of [/color][color=green]FROG.[/color] :frog:


Is TINK used much here? I know I tink more than I frog. :slight_smile:


What about KP? Knit Picks. I order from them and sometimes I see KP in a post and think “Wow that sounds like a great place to buy yarn, wonder what it is.” duh.


I KNOW I’ve seen tink before…can’t for the life of me remember what it stands for though?


I KNOW I’ve seen tink before…can’t for the life of me remember what it stands for though?[/quote]
It’s when you unKNIT stitch by stitch backwards - TINK - as opposed to frogging, which is massive ripping.


tink is knit spelled backwards. :wink:


Gotcha! :thumbsup:


If you only TINK a few is it TINKling? :roflhard:

~end of threadnap~

Good list, Amy!


Lana, what do SIMC and HMS mean? Do we use them here?

I’ve added KP, and TINK to the list, thanks ladies. Also added ETA, since it’s being used a lot lately. :thumbsup:


[color=blue]It’s no longer prudent to be :roflhard:, now I am
[size=6]S[/size][size=2]itting[/size][size=6]M[/size][size=2]y[/size][size=6]C[/size][size=2]hair[/size],[size=6]H[/size][size=2]olding[/size][size=6]M[/size][size=2]y[/size][size=6]S[/size][size=2]ides[/size],LOL [/color]


Ahhh, very cute, you learn something new every day! :sunny:


I was very happy to see this thread as I’ve been occasionally bewildered by some abbreviations! :??

I though LOL was “Lots of Luck”, but as you can imagine it didn’t quite make sense most of the time!!


I finally looked in here. I was so puzzled about this great store calle LYS. THought it was a chain store that hadn’t made it to my town yet. Now I know we do have a LYS. Yippeeeee




OK ladies and gents, interpret “bump” for me.


The posts that have been responded to most recently show up at the top of any given forum. When a post has made its way to the bottom of the page, if you post a reply it will “bump” it back to the top of this list, so ideally more people will see/respond to it. So, say I posted something that no one responded to because there were a lot of posts that day, I might post a “bump” post in the hopes that it would get seen/responded to. :smiley: