Common Abbreviations on this forum


:lol: Good one Jan. I’m an expert at tinkling!


I just thought of a new one: WWID (What would Ingrid do?) :teehee:




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Follow the pattern and buy more yarn. :teehee:


those are too cute! i never knew that’s where “frog” came from.


bumping back up to the top since we seem to be getting a lot of questions about abbreviations recently. :muah:


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To Amy: Thanks for taking the time to de-code the ‘code talk’ for us!
I had figured some of them out just by the way in which they were being used…but never realllly knew what most of them were all about!

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[color=blue]PS: [/color] Can this Forum can be upgraded to allow a viewer to jump directly to a particular page of a thread. For example, say I need to look at page 35 of Year of the Stash 2007 in KnitAlongs. How can I navigate to page 35 without having to go forwards through pages 1-34? (Or backwards from the final page 52 to page 35!)

We have certain Posts that we would like to direct our viewers to…located on a certain page…and it is very time consuming and discouraging to mooch through all the pages that preceed the ‘destination’ page!

Can we add a search link? I have visited other websites that include a search box to allow a page number to be directly located. I think Ebay yarn shops have that feature.

Thanks in advance for any thought that you give to my question!



At the top of the page, you should be able to type in the page number you want. It doesn’t have the feature at the bottom, but check out the top over to the left.


Thanks Ingrid! [color=blue]It is the little blue box![/color] I was able to clear the number currently shown, type in the page # I want to see…and click the >> arrows on the right of it…but NOT CLICKING “next”. “Next” just takes me to the very next page.

I will alert my other Stash Sisters about this blue box feature. I am sure at least one other Stashie needs the same info! What a time saver!

Dollyce AKA the ArtLady :happydance:


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What little blue box? :?? :shrug:


[color=indigo]Thanks, Amy!

How about:

DGF - Dear Girl Friend
DSO - Dear Significant Other

KAL - knit along?



When there are a lot of pages (I’m not sure when the little blue box kicks in) it appears. Check out some of the busier, older threads and you’ll see it.



I got it, only had to to check 3 browsers on 2 computers to realize it’s grayish/purpleish on my monitors.


I think this thread should be a STICKY!! How 'bout it Mod Squad? It would help new viewers very much!




You talked me into it. :teehee:


I figured you would do that, Ingrid! :wink: