Common Abbreviations on this forum


I have a query - what does OTN mean???
It is going to be so obvious I know, but I can’t work it out :ick::pout:


On The Needles :thumbsup:


Of course!!! doh I knew it would be obvious, but just couldn’t think what it would be!!
Thank you :happydancing:


What ISO in the titles of the threads mean?
Thank you


In Search Of :blooby:


Hi Ingrid! :waving:


Thank goodness for this thread. I don’t feel quite so dumb now! :eyes:


Very clever!!!:notworthy:


Oh, that emoticon fits me perfectly. I hate getting a project started and then be unable to finish because I can’t understand the directions. What a waste1


Here’s one more for the list, since a member just asked.

[SIZE=3][COLOR=blue]KAL = Knit-Along[/COLOR][/SIZE]


glad to see there is a place for me to go and get help. i am just starting to learn. my girlfriend is getting ready to teach me how to cast on.:woot:


thank you!


what is KAL? does it mean knit-along? linknit41


Hi linknit41,
Yeah that’s what KAL means and KH has a KAL forumwhere you can join others and work on the same things…:happydance:


ok what the hell is the new one KAL?


[FONT=“Arial”][SIZE=“4”]Hi Amy,

Could you kindly tell me what ISO means? I’ve seen it quite a bit.

Many thanks,


P.S. - Thanks so much for the resizing photos information you sent me when I joined several weeks ago. The program to resize images is absolutely terrific.[/SIZE][/FONT]


ISO means In Search Of :thumbsup:


[B]Hi Ingrid!

Thanks so much for the reply. Couldn’t figure that one out! [/B]


Thank you for this info. I have no clue sometimes what they mean. Now I can act as though I am an old pro.



I am so new to this site what does FO mean?