Common Abbreviations on this forum


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FO = Finished Object
UFO = Unfinished Object


Thanks that is what I was thinking but I wasn’t sure.



What is KALS?

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KAL is a knit-along. We all work on the same project at the same time.

For example, this month we are knitting toys for the month of July.

There are several knit-alongs in the forum. Just do a search for KAL, and you’ll find them.

Some people are making the Sahara top, others are making a Harry Potter scarf, others are making socks. There are plenty of options. Have fun looking!


Plural for KAL which is a Knit A Long - where people work on the same project, sometimes at the same time, or can join in anytime.


Is that ON the Needle? meaning current projects?

This is a great site!


OTN = On The Needles

Right now, I have about 25 projects on the needles. :doh:
We also call them UFOs…(unfinished objects)


OK, I just read this entire thread in order to find out what “DPH” means (saw it in another thread) and didn’t find it…any help?


:think: hmmm…never heard of [B]DPH[/B].

I’ve heard of [B]DPN[/B], though. That’s [B]double-pointed needles[/B].

I’m using dpns right now on a mitten.


This one’s been bugging me, too! Thank you so much for explaining!


Might have been a typo the “H” and the “N” are diagonal on a QWERTY keyboard. I think it was probably supposed to be DPNs like Shandeh said. What was the topic of the thread and or message?


I need help!! I’m new to K & have ?'s. How to rip out and not loose all your work. Also,what is PSSO when it appears in a pattern?


PSSO means to Pass Slipped Stitch Over. When you do this, you usually have slipped a stitch, worked the next stitch, and then you lift the slipped stitch up and over the tip of the needle.

Look at the videos under Decreases and you can see a demonstration.
If you want to rip out more than one row, you can pull the stitches out to one row before where you want to restart, and then pull out one stitch at a time and reinsert your needle.
To unknit a row, check out the video on Fixing Mistakes.


What do you mean by “work even in cable pattern”


Work even is a term that means - continue working the stitch pattern with no decs or incs. It usually appears in a pattern right after there have been decs or incs.


I’m new to knittinghelp. My name is Diana.



Does tink have an emoticon? Everytime I think of the word I think of the fairy from Peter Pan.




haha–saw the frog; just wondering if there was one a little less dramatic to represent tinking.


:shrug: Not so far!