Common Abbreviations on this forum


Is it be possible to update the OP with the acronyms that have been added in the posts?

I’ve read through all the posts but I have already forgotten the additional ones other folks have thrown in the mix.



what does K19 means??


It means to knit 19 stitches.


[B]K19: [/B]Knit 19 stitches, as in just use a knit stitch.

As for [B]foto[/B], are you sure it isn’t a Dutch person? For that is an existing Dutch word. It means “photo” :wink:
If this is really an abbreviation, it will be like the Dutch word [B]lol[/B]. This means “fun”. Imagine our surprise when it started to pop up in English :cool:


Really?! Well, I’m not Dutch. I wasn’t aware of the use of FOto before I started using FWIW.


[B][COLOR=“Navy”]Knit 19 stitches in the row you are on.[/COLOR][/B]


So, I’m a 31 year old male marketing guy who just found his love for knitting. My girlfriend of about 6 months has been knitting around me like crazy so the other day I asked her to teach me how and I got into it! And I was half-decent. So, she shared her craft with me, I shared my craft with her. You can find our content and knitting exploration all over social media at @YarnGonnaKnit and at our blog/website:

I look forward to learning as much as possible from all of you and having a live long journey of knitting. Also, I plan on getting into making my own yarns soon too! That seems like a lot of fun! PM me, I love to talk marketing too!


This is a great list and I love your FROG icon. It really expresses how I feel when I have to FROG. But can you please tell me what is a KAL?


KAL means Knit Along. That is when you all use the same pattern. We used to have those regularly. Maybe we can see about it again soon.


Bookmarked! Thanks for this.