Your very first project?

I’m just curious to know, what was your very first knitting project and did you keep a picture of it?

I made a blanket (fits a full sized bed). It was all garter stitch. I made 3 pannels of alternating colored squares and sewed the pannels together. The pannels were 1/3 the width of a full sized bed, and 5 feet long. I then crocheted a thin border. It was made with Homespun yarn.

I gave it to my boyfriend for his birthday, and it has since become the favorite blanket in their family. Apparently, his two sisters are constantly going into his room and stealing it so they can cuddle with it while watching t.v.

I didn’t keep a pic of it, but I see it everytime I go to his house. I know it’s getting good use, because the three of them fight over it, and it is always in a different place when I go over there.

I started with dishcloths. Figured that it was a small project that could use so many different techniques. Quickly moved on to socks, though. That’s about it, though. I haven’t even been knitting for two months, so I think it’s a good start.

okay i shudder at the thought of doing a blanket sized afghan. then you did it all in garter stitch which probably would have had me trying to commit hari kiri. and THEN it was all in homespun? you are my new hero!

how great though that you get to see it being well loved! the fact that it is always somewhere new is wonderful…that definitely means it is getting used.

my first project was a ridiculously expensive scarf. i had no idea what i was grabbing when i picked my yarn!

the first project I started was a garter stitch scarf for my niece. the first project I finished was as baby sweater for another niece that had just been born.

My first project was a very, very simple hat for my ds, made by knitting two squares and sewing them together! I got the pattern from Kids Knitting by Melanie Falick.

My first project was slippers, knit flat and seamed up after. They were basically giant envelopes for feet- in RHSS. They were also knit without a pattern- my grandma just kind of made it up and told me what to do; I think this is a contributing source to be deeply-rooted aversion to the use of patterns. :wink:

My god I love those colors, that is beautiful!!!

meh…i think the lighting made them look a little brighter than they really were. it was called Strawberry Fields but i have no recollection of the brand. i liked it a lot when i bought it and planned it for my winter coat but as i usually do…i gave it away! :wink:

ummm yeah that yarn was something like $20-30

I made a pathetic attempt at a scarf.

I ended up unwravling it, and my mom used the yarn to make a doggy sweater.

meh…i think the lighting made them look a little brighter than they really were. it was called Strawberry Fields but i have no recollection of the brand. i liked it a lot when i bought it and planned it for my winter coat but as i usually do…i gave it away! :wink:

ummm yeah that yarn was something like $20-30

i made a very simple scarf – but i screwed up A LOT. i CO, say, 20, and ended up with 35, or something completely wrong like that. so, obviously i was increasing here and there. the finished product included one loose-knit 3-inch end and a super-tight knit, mangled looking fat end. a complete failure! but i gave it to my kitty, and he loved to play with it (read: attack). it’s long gone now… what i would give for a picture!!!

Fun fur scarf. Actually, I learned to knit just before christmas, so I ended up making about 6 fun fur scarves in a weeks.

I will never knit with fun fur again. Ever.

I just started knitting about 3 weeks ago, this was my first project, from the Weekend Knitting book:

Our winters in Houston are very mild, sadly, so I hope to get more use out of these than I would gloves.

When I learned to crochet and knit, I made little half swatches of different stitches – knit, purl, sc, dc, tr, whatever – until I was bored and tried something else. I only managed about 4 or 5 rows before I would move onto something else, so they weren’t even big enough to be dishcloths.

My first, actual-real crochet project was a baby blanket I made about 10 years ago. I used two strands of baby yarn, one variegated and one solid, and a great big plastic hook. I messed up a lot, and ripped back almost as much. It was nice because on that drive from Des Moines to Kansas City it gave me something else to think about besides not peeing in the car between rest stops.

My first knitting project was a holiday-ish garter stitch scarf for my MIL, made around last Xmas. It was one strand of Caron Simply Soft and one strand of some sort of fun fur/tinsel-type yarn.

My first project…I was 8 y/o and all I knew how to do was the garter stitch. I kept going until I ran out of yarn and then I switched to another color. I decided to make it into a belt and give it to my mother. She was good enough not to throw it away (not right away, anyway) but at the time I really expected her to wear it. :? After that I only made sweaters.

My first project was a hat I made for my mom, it was too big but she said she didn’t mind! :teehee:

Amy took this picture of me and my first-ever project in January - I basically just took a skein of acrylic yarn and knit the ENTIRE THING into a (very very long!) narrow scarf! It took months, and all the knit stitches were twisted (long story, but basically I tried to teach myself to knit from a couple of books out of the library before I discovered KH and obviously did something very wrong…), plus I kept changing what I was doing (garter, stockinette… roll roll roll… back to garter again). But here it is, anyway! :blush: (P.S. I finished this in 2005 some time, had bad thumb pain, stopped, then started again and only really began knitting in January 2006…)

I did a lot of swatches at first, but I do belive my first real progect was a light pink garder stich scarf. It was very short, with a lot of dropped stiches and mistake yarn overs. I still have it though. It’s in my FO basket (with contains a red moss stich scarf, a fair isle swatch, a cable swatch, and the first pice of fabric I ever knit. I give away almost EVERYTHING I knit.

My first project was a 5-stitch garter bookmark. Then I made garter stitch Barbie skirts. I was 9. :teehee:

I made a scarf for my mom when I was in the 7th grade. So that was about 17 years ago. Yikes.