You Know You're A Knitter When

You’re eating Chinese food and start thinking about what you could knit with the chopsticks.

I am holed up in a motel for the weekend. I wandered down the block to a local tavern to enjoy a few adult beverages. Naturally I took my knitting pack with me.

It really was kind of funny how the conversation in the whole bar wound up being about knitting and crochet. It stayed that way for an hour and eventually, as people came and went, died down but it kept coming up over and over the whole time I was there.

One younger guy who came in later said “I don’t mean any offense, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen a big guy sitting in a bar knitting a sweater”. I just laughed at him and asked him how many little guys he’d seen knitting in a bar.

I had a good time there and I think I kind of changed a couple of people’s thinking about knitting and knitters. Well, at least as far as making them realize that knitters might not be who or what they may have thought before.

Walking back to the motel I picked up some Chinese food. I swear I could knit a pretty nice hat with these chopsticks.

Walking back to the motel I picked up some Chinese food. I swear I could knit a pretty nice hat with these chopsticks.

You could, they’re generally about a size 8 or 9…

:aww: when I first started my egeblad, it kept slipping off my metal dpns, so I grabbed 2 sets of chopsticks from the silverware drawer and got the sand paper out, and made my own set of wooden bamboo dpns… :aww: they worked great for the first 15 rows of my egeblad! and now, I’ve given them to my mom for her ‘spiralen’ doily…:aww: Talk about useful chopsticks! :yay:

And, I’m very happy to hear that you are able to go out into the world (a bar especially) and do your thing! :yay: Myself, I’d end up messing up my work and having to frog the entire thing as I spoke to others about the joys of knitting… :frog: :waah: :frog: of course I love doing this… :frog: :waah: :frog: can’t you tell… :frog: :waah: :frog:

LOL that’s good. I have a pair of chopsticks exactly like those!

Everything I knit is knit in truck stops and bars all over the country. :slight_smile:

I thought you were going to say … what you could knit out of the noodles :slight_smile:

i knit with chopsticks mostly scarfs for kids
cant eat with thme though

You Know You’re A Knitter When you’re eating Chinese food and start thinking about what you could knit with the chopsticks.

The other day i was trying to knit using toothpicks and a rubber band :rofl:.


You just gave me an idea. I tried crocheting with Kevlar fishing line and I didn’t have the patience for the doily hooks. I bet I could knit with it. (I want a little backstop for my archery target.)

:teehee: Funny about the chopsticks. They’d probably work in a pinch.

Way to go Mason. Change people’s mind. They don’t know what they are missing.

A few months ago, I posted a photo of the chopstick knitting needles that my MS students made when I taught them how to knit. They worked fine- but, we did have a couple that SPLIT when they were used.

Ok…someone had WAY too much time on their hands to make that video.


You know your a knitter when…

You go out to dinner with your husband and spot a lady with her hair up and say, “She’s a knitter. She’s holding her hair up with a double-pointed knitting needle.”

No lie. I said that this weekend. :thumbsup:

what you could knit out of the noodles

Well… um… :blush: I was doing that last night while waiting for the “almost done” knit… er, speghetti to finish cooking. :blush:
I also have knit with chopsticks… I can also eat with them, which freaks my family out as I’ve never known anyone that actaully uses them. And I know how to use them right. I grabbed a couple packs a while back and my unc was like, “Flower! Put those back! Those are for people actaully going to eat with them.” LOL, well, I am. And then to his astonishment, I procedded to eat everything (including rice) with out a “civilized” silver ware. :smiley: And then I took them home and knitted with them. :slight_smile:

Great minds think alike! I hadn’t even seen this thread until this morning, and yesterday I decided to pull out my chopsticks to use at lunch . . . and just on a whim I stuck them in my needle gauge to see what size they are!

(They’re a US Size 10-1/2.) :teehee:

WOW . . . I’m [I]really[/I] glad I have a big yarn stash!

i actually learned to knit on chopsticks. Worked just fine for a beginner.

I used arrows to decide if I wanted to go out and buy some needles.