You Know You're A Knitter When

And I thought I was bored all the time. She’s got too much free time to figure that out and post a video

I’m not allowed to use Youtube… (too much nasty stuff) What’s goin’ on? I’m like, sooooo out of the loop. :slight_smile:

and i have spagetti today. And I so left over. But the spagetti has sauce on it.

A woman is knitting with a ramen noodle (those squiggly noodles from Mr.Noodles packages) and chopstitcks. It’s very cute!

P.S. YouTube isn’t full of nasty stuff- in fact I think they have rules against nasty stuff! Anyways, good for you for sticking with the rules.

Oh okay! Thanks!

we use you tube to put up videos of the kiddo. My one cousin does the same thing. We just set them to private so not everyone can see them.

wow you are so entertaining… :roflhard:

:heart: how’s the health?