Yay! Now I can "talk" to myself


It’s time for an update.

Website is still coming along slowly, mostly because I’m lazy. but it’s VERY nearly there.

I’ve been experimenting with cookie recipes, and came up with a lovely white chocolate linzer style shortbread. They were inhaled by my test group.

One of my foster cats was adopted, and I have another who arrived a week ago.

she’s 11, been in the same home all her life. Sheba is about 5 pounds of hissing spitting fury. Has spent the week hiding, and growling when anyone comes near. Her owner passed away over Christmas, and no one knows if she’s always been ‘cranky’ or is just having a really hard time adjusting.

this will take time. I’m pretty much just leaving her alone, she’ll come out when she’s ready.

There’s ;been virtually NO snow so far, and it’s Groundhog day on Tuesday. i’m still braced for a good blizzard, though. best to be prepared, and if nothing comes, then…

I’ve missed ice-skating this year, though.