Yay! Now I can "talk" to myself


makes me tear my hair out.

I must have been in a coma when I 'finished" the back.

What was I thinking when I thought I had made it long enough at the armholes? I need at LEAST another 2 inches.

But I fixed the front, and am now on the right side upper part of it.

two steps forward, 2 steps back, 2 steps forward, 1 step back, is how this one seems to be going.


I began a new job a couple of weeks ago, just boring factory stuff, packing plastic injection molded items. VERY active.

pays lousy, but I 'm looking at it as paid bootcamp. I’ve already lost ten pounds! bonus!


I’m down another two pounds.
My apt. is a mess, and I want to switch bedrooms, from the small to the large room. which means moving a TON of heavy furniture.
the small bedroom I’ve been using as a bedroom needs painting.

If I move all the craft shtuff out of the big room to the small it will be VERY crowded, but then I’ll have a decent bedroom. so I WIN!

just gotta do it.
I’ll start tomorrow, since we have Canada Day off, then work two days, and have the weekend to finish.

there. I’ve written it down. Means I HAVE to do it.


Just what this thread needs. :teehee:


well, I finally switched rooms. A month later than I intended, but still…

I’m very happy with the results. Even more happier to find that my yarn/wool/craft stash now FITS into the small room! it means that progress has been made, even though i hadn’t noticed it at the time.

now to tackle the kitchen/dining/living rooms.
OR, I could bake a peach pie.

When I get home from work I keep finding food hanging on my doorknob. bags of green beans. zucchini. cucumbers.

Its nice to have friends who garden. :slight_smile:

Even more happier. jeeeez. EVEN HAPPIER. or, MORE HAPPY.


I vote for the peach pie!


yeah, the peach pie won.

This weekend, I “did” Niagara Falls. We went to the butterfly conservatory, (wow!!), the greenhouse, (they have a soft shelled turtle!)
we went on the Hornblower (WOW!–haven’t done that for decades…) and rode the cable car, which is 99 years old this month.

We dined overlooking Table Rock, the food was good, the daquiri better, and the view spectacular.

We rode the WEGO bus, and toured the city. Didn’t go up the Skylon Tower, it was way too touristee (Is that a word?) but have been up it before anyway.

Next spring, we’ll do the jet boat tour, and maybe the helicopter ride.
you can even catch a helicopter at the falls, and after a short flight, land at one of the wineries and have lunch.


accessorizing at the butterfly conservatory.


Sounds like a wonderful visit! I’ve never been to Niagara Falls but am planning a trip in the near future so your recommendations come in very handy.


It’s fantastic!

If you go up the hill into the “town” part, its very Barnum and Bailey, but still loads of fun.
the wax museum, waterworks, all sorts of souvenir stands and shops, where you can buy shtuff made in China…

and there’s the casino, and Marineland if you’re into that sort of thing.

In 1960 a 7 yr. old boy went over the falls and survived! (it was a boating accident. ) truly miraculous.

This weekend, (even though its raining) I’m off to see Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings at Super Crawl. It’s always a fun event, and growing every year.


haven’t been here much, lots going on.

Doc says I’m on stall rest for a while, seems I MIGHT have some wierd heart thing happening, but who knows. could be nothing, could be something. waiting for test results.

been knitting like a fiend for the last couple of weeks, but haven’t completed anything.

have one sock done. started the second last night.

have two washcloths in the final stages, just need to give them some sort of border, and will take them to knitting group tomorrow. We have a couple of VERY accomplished crochet-ers, and I intend to pick their brains for edging.

have a wool pink sweater with the front almost done, also a cream cotton in same stage.

started a chunky blue with flecks of colour in a fisherman rib, that’s coming along well.

what else…

some cute little cat ornaments for a sale in a couple of weeks.

am starting a new business, The Divine Shortbread Cookie Company.

wholesale/retail, gift baskets…with a view to opening a store-front bakery in the next year.

c’est tout.

for now. LOL


Wow, and this is rest! Sounds very busy. Good luck with the new venture. Bakeries are my favorite places.
Hope all goes well with your doctor visits, too.


my cookies were a HIT!
today I’m putting together a gift basket to be donated as a doorprize for a big do tomorrow night.

bakebakebake. :smiley:


lemon french butter cakes, with a candy pearl.

and I was offered a full time job today. I start tomorrow.


so, work is going along nicely. the people are fun, the work isn’t awful, and its $$$$ (well, maybe just $$$) at the end of the week.

in the meantime, I can work on recipes, and plan for bakery opening next summer. I get to go pretend shopping for ovens, racks, display cases and save my pennies until I get to shop for real!

website is being worked on, I have the home page pretty much worked out. Turquoise background with caramel letter head. and swirly pinwheel motif.

and I volunteered a cookie gift basket for an event for Christmas, as a raffle item.

This year has certainly flown by.


Sounds like good plans. Do you have a mentorship program in your area? Maybe a retired shop owner to offer advice?
Or maybe you have experience with the intricacies of opening a bakery or shop.
Anyway, best of luck. I wish I lived nearby because your cookies look terrific.


thanks very much. ( I can ship… :smiley: )

I ran my own business for YEARS, so I have some idea of what I’m doing, but am busy researching. my website is coming along nicely.

am working on a ‘pop-up’ bakery for mid-winter, to test the market/area.

now for the new years plans:

apparently, I am a hoarder. going through my closets, drawers, etc. I realized that the drawer full of embroidery floss I’ve been hoarding is nearly FORTY years old.
it’s about time I used it. I DID do a needlepoint hanging about twenty years ago with some of it.

I remember I got it for ten cents a skein at a hobby shop closing.

this is in addition to the hundreds of french tapestry wool I got last year? two years ago?

I have no excuse. so, from time to time, some one please give me a gentle reminder, as in: HEY, LADY! have you used your embroidery floss yet??? along with a smack on the backside of my head.
a lot of it is in a nasty tangled mess, and I spent THREE HOURS yesterday, detangling it. I’m almost done. sigh.

I have a wall hanging for Christmas, cut out, I just need to stitch it together.

and hang it.

and I need to lose that last 20 pounds. then I can get into my fabric stash and redo my entire wardrobe. I refuse to waste my lovely materials on a size I’m going to reduce out of. wools, silks, satins, cottons… oh my. I might just LOOK at it all again today.

I have a list of cookies to bake today, some for family, some for customers.
rye bread is rising. smells good, along with the tree. (fraser fir.)

lets see, what else…

I guess that’s all I have on my to do list, except for running out for cat food, and a bottle of wine.


When you finish things on your to-do list, I’m starting to feel like I’ve accomplished something! That can’t be good. I’ve got my own to-do’s. I better get a move on.
Merry Christmas.


better living vicariously!

today, is a day of rest, wine, movies in the afternoon, maybe a bag of potato chips.

the cookies are baked, the presents are wrapped, the tree smells divine.

its foggy, and mild, so a mid-middle morning walk might be just the thing.

Merry Christmas, to all.


a VERY exclusive lys had a %50 off sale today.

BUT. the weather is expected to take a turn for winter, finally, snow, possible freezing rain. So I’m staying home and knitting.
because I DO NOT NEED any more yarn. of any description.

I sat down yesterday and listed all the wools I have.

I won’t finish it all this coming year. maybe not for two to three years, if I knit constantly, every chance I get.

there’s enough for 14 sweaters, cardigans, and jackets.

I have two balls earmarked for gloves, and one pair of socks.

there are bits for little things, like next years christmas wreath, in amigurumi oddments.

plus all the ‘leftovers’ that, mixed together, will make probably two or even three fair aisle somethings.

and lets not even mention the embroidery floss, the needlepoint wool, and all the fabrics.

hoooooo boy. I’ll be busy.