Yay! Now I can "talk" to myself

and write here. Am I allowed to just ramble, and do a stream of conciousness thing, as long as most of it relates to knitting?

I do tend to ramble, get distracted, go off on tangents, and then eventually come back round to the subject at hand.

I’ve just returned from grocery shopping, and need to rearrange some furniture, before I take up any needles today.

which means, clear a path through the hall for the church pew, make space somewhere, unload YARDS and YARDS of lovely fabrics all waiting for me to lose some weight so I feel like sewing my new wardrobe, then take THAT cupboard (sort of thingy) to where the church pew was. put the pew in place of the cupboard, (more of a credenza, I guess…) and then lovingly gaze at all the fine fabrics, iron out the creases, fold them, replace them…

God help me when its finally gardening season, as well as knitting season.
or I could start a quilt.

and I have some earrings to work on. (silver. clip-ons.) with garnets.

Okay, GO! :passedout:

Church pew? How cool is that! I finally got to cleaning in my kitchen, not just doing the absolute minimum. Finishing a big project - a crochet afghan to fit on top of a twin bed - was a load off for sure.

Check some of the other blog threads. Anything goes. Well, almost anything.


I don’t think I’m that ambitious.

church pew-MOVED.
credenza MOVED. although I decided to leave the fabric in the sewing room. so now the credenza has all my dvds, record albums, and videos. Very neat and tidy.

why is it, that even when you think your place is relatively clean, you find all the missing dust bunnies, cat toys, odd socks…

must vacuum.
mop floors.
fold the fabric, which is stacked on several chairs, the floor, another dresser…
on a good note, the green grandpa sweater has the back almost done.
but I want to do some baking today, maybe some sort of cookie to take to knitting group tomorrow.
and now I’m looking at embroidered knot gardens…

the list is endless.

The church pew came out of an Anglican church about 20 years ago, in the Waterloo region, built around 1880-ish.

Its been very useful, as well as cool. Its just one of those pieces that I had to have when I found it. it fits in with all the other old shtuff. :slight_smile:
WHY does Gizmo love walking on my keyboard so much?

silly cat. He’s the best.

well, I took my crochet stuff to knitting this morning, but the crocheters weren’t there, due to icky weather.

maybe next week.

Bummer. Wait…crochet at a knitting group? :noway:
I’m finally back to needling again after going back to being hooker. I quit crocheting because it hurt my hands and wrists but not so much anymore, I think I learned to do something differently but don’t know what. I’m knitting tube sox for my grandson and I’m sooooooooooooo tired of them already. K1,pl ad nauseaum. No heel means they should fit him for a while. Teenaged boy feet get big, fast and then get bigger, faster.

it was such a gorgeous day yesterday, I took some knitting and sat on a bench overlooking the brow.

will do that again today.

but. FIRST, I must shift heavy furniture around, and get my model trains set up. I have them in storage, not much, track, couple engines, and a few cars.

the weather just keeps getting better and better. its 10 degrees out right now, it rained a bit.
I’m cleaning up a small garden area for our BIA, today I will rake up all the dog p**p.
and then go for a bike ride.
and I really should start doing the stairs again.

I still haven’t put my trains up, no room in the inn. sigh.

I have an Alan dart llama pattern somewhere. I have some yarn that would be perfect.

I should do that.

is taking up WAY too much of my time.
I went through all the free patterns in the last couple of days, all 400 plus pages, downloading cool things to knit sometime before I die.
which is how long it will all take.

made a quick sterling silver bangle bracelet in the morning, and then watched and listened to extreme high winds all day long.

I’m working on the green sweater today. the front gets a short button placket, and a breast pocket.

that’s the plan.

if it makes you feel better… there are over 90,000 free knitting patterns on ravelry (more if you include the ones without pictures), and the search box maxes out at 10,000 viewable, unless you narrow down your search criteria. so it could be worse… :wink:

make it stop.


back later. I have to go look at something…

Ravelry is a trap. It’s lovely to look at, easy to get lost in, and if you do manage to escape it’s temporary because it will suck you back in. There is no true escape.

The library is really great. I’ve learned how to put patterns that aren’t on Ravelry in it to save links and I can even add a picture. The sets for sorting make finding something again possible. Most of my patterns don’t have sets yet but now I add them as I add patterns and I will do a few of the already saved ones at a time.

I have cleverly avoided Ravelry so far today.
have cut out a shirt.
did my dishes. had a friend over.
discovered its REALLY easy to post pics on my twitter page. (MORE534 if anyones interested.)

and I have a board meeting later.
keep busy, that works!

is such an amazing resource.
I was browsing the catalogue on line, and ordered a whack-load of pattern books, including the vogue stitchionary cables, and also lace. :inlove:

oh my. I’m gonna be busy for the rest of my life.:teehee: :knitting:

found some cute amigurumi. (to use up the little bits, you understand.) :wink:

and I need to get some cats done for a craft sale this weekend.

knitknitknit. :knitting: :knitting: :knitting:

What a great start the long weekend!
busy morning so far. at 5:15 AM. my friend and her daughter and I went to a big garden centre, and loaded up our carts.

i’m working on a small rock garden for the apt. building I live in.

then, home for COFFEE.
after that, checked out the farmers market a couple blocks away, home with fresh asparagus. yum.

will plant later. i’m working on a purple/orange/white theme, as the plants already there are purple. Mauve.
but first, must close balcony door, as the kid above me is getting baked and its wafting in. Gives me migraines.
boo hiss.
just WAIT til his mom wakes up and gives him the lecture! :smiley: :smiley:
When I say KID, I mean, young 20 something adult.

some half-wits in the neighbourhood were letting off fireworks ALL night.

its never dull.

just came home from a very, well lets call it ANIMATED meeting.

we have a bully in our midst, and there doesn['t seem to be much any of us can do about it.

so, I poured myself a scotch and soda ( I hardly EVER drink scotch), and just wolfed down half a bag of potato chips.

If I knit right now, I know I’ll have to frog tomorrow. :mad: :tap: :wall: :gah: :hair: :grrr: :nails: :roll:

and my green sweater is coming along so nicely.

I might have to start a new project.
with simple ribbing to begin, that I can do automatically without looking or thinking.
(or probably even breathing. )

I’m sorry you had such a nasty experience today. :poke: Knit a voodoo doll and poke sock skewers (the skinnier and sharper the better) in it.

If we outlaw bullying will we outlaw gov’t? Then we’d have anarchy with its own brand of bullies.

I cleaned out the raised beds at my daughter’s and then we planted potatoes she had growing in the garage.

oh that’s brilliant!!

I might have to make one for everyone else that was there, except for her accompanying 3 henchmen.

my mind is still reeling, but I have coined a term for her:

she was SPIT-faced.

all venom and vinegar. and yet…

she is a very successful shop owner in the neighbourhood!
Rest assured, I will never darken her Diors again.

my potatoes have leafed out! Russets. can’t wait!

After our spit-face meeting, there was another meeting for a different reason, but with many of the same people.
It was like the black cloud had lifted, and we had a SUPERB meeting, with HUGE results.

and yesterday, another mini-meeting, with one of the henchmen attending.
It was a totally different atmosphere. We were all poking fun and making back references to various things spit face had said, and then pretty much peeing our pants laughing.

Including henchman. who was completely a different person without the rest of his little gang to back him up.

We had a very good time. and again, made TONS of progress on our project.

:doh: ugh. keep making tiny errors on grandpa sweater, have to rip out.

this is the endless project, and I’m SO close to finishing the front.

the pattern is:* knit one, yarn forward, slip one, yarn back*. repeat.
knit TWO,* yarn forward, slip one, yarn back, knit one,*

I stop paying attention, forget to knit TWO at the beginning of the third row, and don’t spot the mistake until several rows later. and yes, its clearly visible.

I was FIVE rows away from shaping the left side neck, and discovered yet again, I had to frog. for about two inches.

:wall: :wall: :wall:

Such an easy pattern, so hard to get right sometimes.
I like to do mosaic knitting and more than once have ripped out inches because of a mistake like that. :hair: