yarn substitution

I want to make a robe for a 18" doll for charity. The pattern calls for 3 skeins of Plymouth Oh My! bulky yarn (70yds/ 50g). This yarn is discounted. Can I use worsted weight yarn instead?

That sounds like a very nice project. What is the name of your pattern?

If you use a typical worsted weight, the robe will turn out smaller. Two strands of worsted held together might work depending on the gauge. Maybe a heavy worsted or aran would work, something that will give you the pattern gauge.

Have you tried yarnsub.com ?

I was just going to say what @salmonmac said. Keep in mind too that the specified yarn is nubby/tweedy. That, along with size if worsted vs bulky, can really make a difference. Yarnsub is always your best 1st “go to”. Alternatively, you can go to https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/bathtime-betsy and look at some of the projects that were done and see what others used. Even if they don’t have notes, they pretty much always list the yarn they used.


The pattern is bathtime betsy.

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