Yarn harlot scarf/blanket

I have always been interested in knitting the yarn harlot 1 row scarf. I looked on ravelry and saw that they have a 1 row blanket. I WAS wondering if anyone would be interested in starting a kal for this? Thanks!
P.S. You could either knit the scarf or blanket or both of you so chose.

Sounds like a fun little project. I’m in! I’m going to make a scarf.

1 row? I’ve gotta be missing something. :?

You repeat the same row until it’s as long as you want it.

Thank you all who have recently joined the knitalong! You can’t imagine how happy I am. To answer a question about it really being 1 row it is true! You just repeat the 1 row for as long as you want. If you are doing the scarf it can be found at www.yarnharlot.com
if you are doing the 1 row blanket it can be found at www.ravelry.com under One Row Blanket De La Harlot by:skullsnbats

The project that I am going to do is a blanket/afghan. Haven’t figured out if it is going to be for an adult or child yet. Also I would like to mention that if anyone else does the blanket that the instructions say to co 120 sts. I have found out that I needed to co 122 sts. Hope things are well and I hope that I have provided enough information and answered all of the questions so far. Happy Knitting!
P.S. If you have any questions or can’t find it please let me know and I will help you.

I’m a little bit late to the game but . . . I started the one row scarf last night. So far, I like the way that it is turning out. I like the pattern. It’s looks interesting, but is simple enough that I can knit w/distractions and not worry too much about messing it up. Would love to know how everyone’s scarves and blankets are turning out.

Was wondering if anyone finished their scarf or blanket? I finished my scarf a few weeks ago. I decided to do it as a charity project for church. My brother really liked it so I might make him one.

Here’s as far as I’ve gotten on mine.

This would be fun to make as an afghan! I’m even pondering making a bunch of scarves, each in dift colors, and stitching them together into a rainbow-colored blanket. What do you think?

Oh, oh! I just used this on the last OBB blanket I started. Great pattern and very pretty!

Woodi, I love your yarn.

I think when I finish my Log Cabin, I might start one of these blankets too. I like simple patterns.

I made two more scarves using this pattern - I just love it!

I’m so glad I found this thread :yay: Woodi, love your scarf! A few weeks ago I found this pattern and decided to make a wrap instead of a scarf. I have been working on it when I’m not working on baby cloths and hats. I love the pattern too!

I am going to use this pattern to make sarves for the “Red Scarf Project”. Should be very simple.

Well here it is August end, and I’m still knitting the yarn harlot scarf. This is about my fourth or fifth one now. I like the colorway on this yarn. It’s just an inexpensive acrylic, but so far, I haven’t gotten bored cuz of the constant, non-repetitive color changes.

Looks great Woodi.

I like this big ball of yarn so much! After knitting about 36 inches, the colors still aren’t repeating themselves. It’s like a fun toy. I’m going to try and get another ball like this, for more fun…maybe a shawl.

What is the yarn called? It would make a great charity blanket as well.

The label reads: James C. Brett Marble Chunky 200gms or 321 yards. It’s from England.

James Brett Marble, chunky or the lighter weight, is available in the US too. Some LYS have it, and online it’s at Mary Maxim.

I went back to the store and bought two more balls of this yarn. Six people I love are going to get a short scarf this Xmas. Do you think 36 inches is long enough for a scarf?

The brownish ball is a wound version of the blue, which is how it comes from the store. The pink ball is about half gone, which means I can make two scarves per ball, this long (35 inches so far).