Yarn harlot scarf/blanket

Oh no! I think I have an addiction to this pattern. You have heard of alcoholics finding empty bottles hidden in their laundry baskets under clothes, and in drawers, behind dressers etc…?

well this A.M. I found two more of these semi-finished scarves hidden away in one of my stash bins in the painting storage room!!!

YarnHarlot - please release me from this pattern! I need a new one that I might love as much. If anyone can point me to another scarf pattern which is quick and easy, but not boring, please HELP!

LOL, I think you do have an addiction. But at least it’s a productive one. I have had this pattern printed for several weeks and in my folder. I think I will have to start it, but now I worry about the chance of another knitting addiction.

Your scarves are all beautiful colors.

LMK: if you do start, or make one, please show us.

Love the colors! Love this pattern! I have made dish cloths, scarfs and am working on a blanket and if I can figure out how to use it for a cardigan I will. I have a 36 inch scarf and I really like it. It tucks into my coat very well instead of like the long one I have which hangs out the bottom if I want to tuck it under my jacket.