I received the best Christmas gift ever this year. My son and his wife are expecting their first child, MY FIRST GRANDCHILD:woot:

My son is almost 30 and I was starting to wonder “if” I’d ever be a grandmother. But now I can start planning all the “baby knitting” I’m going to do. My fingers are itching to start but I just started a Central Park Hoodie for my daughter so I MUST finish that FIRST.

I wondered if anyone had a FAVORITE Baby Knits book? I have a couple of Debbie Bliss books and just ordered “Itty Bitty Hats” but wondered if anyone could recommend their FAVORITE Baby book.


CONGRATULATIONS! :slight_smile:

Congrats Gramma!:aww:

[SIZE=“1”][COLOR=“Silver”]Since I am past 30 without children … I will just walk away from that remark …[/COLOR][/SIZE]

Congratulations Ginny! There is nothing in the world as precious as a grandbaby.

I love the Debbie Bliss baby books, and Mason Dixon has some cute bibs and blankies.

Now, if you want, you can knit an octopus.

unfortunately, i don’t have a favorite baby patterns book but…congratulations!!!:woohoo: :cheering: :happydance:

[COLOR=“Red”][SIZE=“5”]SUPER CONGRATULATIONS< GINNY!!![/SIZE][/COLOR] :woot: You will dearly love being a grandmama~~ My daughter and son graced us with our first granddaughter 2+ years ago and she is my very favorite little person in the entire world! I love to just hold and rock her still! And she loves it when I softly, sing “Frere’ Jacques” to her! Enjoy! :muah:

Congratulations!! I just found out I’m going to be an aunt next fall so I too am on the look out for baby knit projects. Maybe this is my chance to try sweaters! Congratulations!:cheering:


Oh Ginny, you are going to have such fun!

When I got that news for the first time I went out and got myself a t-shirt that I wore into the hospital maturnity ward to watch my grandson make his grand entrance (yes I was allowed to view the big event). My t-shirt said “If I had known having grandchildren was this much fun, I’d have had them first!”

Enjoy this time of calm, it won’t last once your little angel comes along.

I have many patterns for babies, but no one book, sorry!

Congratulations Gramma!

No suggestions, but congratulations!!

I love Zoe Mellor’s patterns. I can’t think of the exact names of her books but she has a few. I think one is Animal knits and another is Double knitting.Her patterns are well written and absolutley adorable! My dinky little library has them so I would check with yours.

Congratulations!! :woot: :woot: as a 30 years daughter I know how excited you must be. I hear the grumblings from my mother. LOL

I have some favorite baby patterns but not one book. We will all be excited giving you pattern ideas!! especially if/when you find out the sex

Congratulations on the wonderful news. Babies are just great to have around. :woot:

You are so lucky! Congratulations!

Thanks everyone!!

You’ll be honored to know that I’ve shared the news with you all BEFORE the rest of the family even knows. My son would most likely KILL me if he knew I told, they want to wait a few more weeks to be “sure” all is well. But I’m so excited I could just about POP:cheering: :cheering:

Debbie Bliss and Zoe Mellor seem to be names taht come up alot when looking for baby patterns! Thanks.

I went to the bookstore today and bought my DIL 3 "Maternity books and shipped them off to her. They live about 6 hours away :-(.

Congratulations, Ginny! I think it’s awesome that you told us first. It’s so nice to have a place to share such wonderful news, eh?

I’m not a grandmother…my children are teens who better not be thinking of giving me grandchildren…

But, I’ve watched my mil and fil enjoy my children, so I know you’re in for a GREAT time. Lots of spoiling and sending home to mom and dad to deal with the repurcussions. :teehee:

new here, new to knitting so no advice…but i wanted to offer my congrats!!! my ds is absolutely in love with his “nana” and she with him…it is so beautiful to see their relationship - and i’m sure you will have something similar with your grandbaby…enjoy!



Congratulations! I have enjoyed the book “Top Down for Toddlers” by Cabin Fever Designs.