I don’t even know you, but here is a:muah: for you! I know how excited you are, because on Mother’s Day of this year my son and daughter in law gave me a present. I opened it up and it was a framed picture of the first sonargram!! That’s how I found out they were expecting their first baby!
Well she arrived 17 days ago, Bailey Lynn, 7 lbs. 1 oz. 19 inches dark hair and blue/gray eyes, such a bundle of love. Me and my DH flew to CA from RI 3 days later and got to spend Christmas with my best present.
You are going to have so much fun!
I too, love Debbie Bliss baby patterns! Word of warning, a lot of her patterns knit up big. I don’t have any favorite book. Just “Google” baby knitting patterns and you’ll be sitting in front of the computer for days! It is fun to look at all of them, and pick what you like or go to your favorite yarn store and ask them what there most popular pattern/book is…or go to Barnes and Nobles and see what they have!
This granddaughter is our 4th and it just gets more fun!:yay:
You said you sent her maternity books…I sent my daughter in law a pregnancy magazine subscription ( I sent the current issue in a padded envelope with a note that she would be getting one every month) and she loved it. Also there is a book out for Dad’s to be. It explains everything to them about pregnancy and has chapters on practical things like finances. I’ll get the title if your interested…just let me know!
Congrat’s again!!!

:woot: Congrats!!! :woot:

Congratulations Ginny what fun is in store for you.
It’s Debbie Bliss all the way for me…and her Baby Cashmerino is my favourite yarn.
I have three Grandchildren whom I love more than life.
There is nothing to compare to being a “Nana” xx

Congratulations. News of the first grandchild is so exciting. I have four and they are all special to me but they are past baby knitting. Knitting cute tiny things is so much fun.

Congratulations to you and your family:)

Hi I am knew to this site and for 2 days trying to find where you introduce yourself. i am joan, 5 grown children, a wonderful husband of 46 years, a cat named Sparky, and i also am learning to knit the continental way, i think it is much faster, but i need to find out how to purl and cast on that way. thanks Joan:muah:


being a grandma is the BEST!!! I have an almost 4 yo stepgranddaughter :slight_smile:


Congrats Ginny :cheering:


Congratulations!!! It is the most fun there is.


That’s so great–congratulations!

Hi and congratulations - I am also expecting my first grandchild - my son and his wife Joy are due in March. My very favorite is the free pattern from Knitting Pure and Simple http://www.knittingpureandsimple.com/ it is easy to adapt to any thing you might like to do. I added buttons and am doing the bottoms to go along with it. A dish cloth blanket is also cool to make in some nice soft fun stuff, very quick on large needles. Another favorite are felted booties :slight_smile: Book wise I would have to say " Natural Knits for babies and moms by Lousiaa Harding" the Adorable Chenille Cardigan is awesome.